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Sweet: Sugar the bomb sniffing dog. Photos from the New Hampshire field.


jan52008 007
Sugar meets Sweet. Sugar is a three-year-old black lab who has been in the bomb-sniffing work her entire life. The traveling press corps for the past two days had their gear "swept," or checked out by dogs at the start of the day. (Photo by Lynn Sweet)

jan52008 006
The line outside the Nashua North High School Saturday morning, waiting for the doors to open for an Obama rally (photo by Lynn Sweet)

jan52008 011
Inside the Nashua North gym near 10 a.m. (Photo by Lynn Sweet)

jan52008 012
Inside the Nashua North gym near 10:20 a.m. (time lapse photography by Lynn Sweet)

jan52008 008
Sugar, the bomb sniffing dog with journalists. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

jan52008 010
The Obama traveling press corps at a filing center on Friday (photo by Lynn Sweet)


How do we allow political rallies in public, oops, government schools?

The digital photos accompanying the news articles really enhances their appeal to the readers as it establishes time and place and mood at the the events we are reading about.

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