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Sweet: Quick analysis of the Obama Iowa victory


DES MOINES, IA.---Some quick analysis of why and how Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) won Iowa.

*Race did not play against him. Obama if nominated will be the first African-American Democratic nominee.

*Stunning turnout. With 96 percent of the precincts in, the Iowa State Democratic Party pegged turnout at 227,000 compared to 124,000 in 2004.

*Deputy Campaign Manager Steve Hildebrand said Obama's vote came from all parts of the state.

*Independents turned out in big, which bodes well for Obama next week in New Hampshire.
"Independendents turned out in droves, Hildebrand said, and it mattered in a big way."

* Hildebrand also said that black precincts in the state--he used Waterloo as an example--African Americans overwhelmingly voted for Obama. In four Waterloo precincts, 276 African Americans voted for Obama and 42 for Hillary Rodham Clinton.


This is how Chicago organizes, America. The steamroller has left the garage. Also, Hillary shouldn't have gone negative during Christmas.

Real people west of the Hudson River are demanding change!
Our children deserve a President who moves forward with all people-not a failed candidate mired in the muck of her tarnished pseudo legacy.
We can not move forward by looking backwards.
It is time for Sen. Clinton and her disbarred husband to slither back to NY.

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