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Sweet: Pooler Sweet at Obama fund-raiser Tuesday night.


WASHINGTON--The Obama campaign has gotten around to forming a pool to cover some Barack Obama events and it was my turn on Tuesday night; the national pool is alphabetical order by news outlet. As it happened, the event I pooled was an Obama fund-raiser. There is progress on the Obama disclosure front. I was given, when requested, a copy of the invitation with the hosts names. The funder was headlined by Obama, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty and Sen. John Kerry, who was with his wife, Teresa.

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POOL REPORT Jan. 28, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) fund-raiser Monday night at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave., Washington D.C. WITH Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times.

This is a report with basic elements for people on deadline. I will send some more quotes from Obama stump speech later. (fyi...I filed a second report with a few more quotes, but it is not out yet (I stopped to listen to the State of the Union) so I can't post it until everyone has it. Will update later.)

OBAMA quotes referencing KENNEDY endorsement labeled below.

Amount raised, according to Obama finance director, Julianna Smoot, who was at the funder, more than $500,000.

This was a tiered event. Host, raise $25,000; Sponsor, raise $10,000; VIP reception, $2,300; others, $1,000.

Food: cocktail variety on tables spread through room. Sandwiches, various varieties. Cheese, tortilla chips, fruit, veggies. Wines spotted included Round Hill and Redwood Creek

Obama spokesman Jen Psaki, when asked, provided a copy of the invitation. The chairs of the events were Megan and Don Beyer; Roel (cq) Campos; Greg Craig; Richard Danzig; Mayor Adrian Fenty; Eric Holder, Jr.; Reed Hundt; Maxine Isaacs and James Johnson; Alfred Moses; Deborah Kennedy and Bill Kennard; Julie Katzman and Tony Lake; Susan Lake and Beatrice Welters.

There were a few dozen names of hosts and sponsors on the invitation, will be provided by pooler if anyone needs.


Washington Mayor Fenty introduced Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who spoke (he was with wife Teresa) and Kerry introduced Obama.

FENTY, who endorsed Obama last year, said, “I knew he fully supported an issue so dear to so many of us here tonight, voting rights for the District of Columbia.”

KERRY, who endorsed Obama, said, “I feel some energy here in this room now….I am particularly excited tonight because this is the last State of the Union of George Bush. And I am even more excited because one year from now we are going to hear the first State of the Union of Barack Obama.’’

Kerry, picking up on the Kennedy endorsements, talked about how he came into politics “inspired by the example of a young president named John Kennedy.”

Kerry, speaking of Ted Kennedy, praised him as the “conscience of the Senate and the conscience of progressive politics in this country.” That Ted Kennedy is supporting Obama “is an enormously important piece of momenteum for this campaign….

Kerry joked Obama won 55 percent of the vote from South Carolina and 100 percent of the senators from Massachusetts.

Kerry said in 2004 than when he “had to make a regrettable phone call to the president of the United States” at the end of the election,
he said he told the president “how much this country wants to unite…and I hope, Mr. President, you will take advantage and do that. Well, I didn’t hear from him again….and the healing that I dared to hope publicly might begin then in 2004 I am convinced will begin in earnest in January, 2009.”

Kerry said Obama’s reach is “transformational, potential, not just transitional.”

OBAMA joked that when he met John and Teresa Kerry, when he was the Democratic presidential nominee, they came out for a fund raiser in Chicago and , “immediately Teresa grabs me and she says, ‘My fellow African.” (She was born in Mozambique)

Obama said Teresa Kerry was helping Michelle with “some of the trials and tribulations of being a spouse of a candidate.”


“We had an extraordinary day today. (cheers from crowd) That followed an extraordinary weekend in South Carolina. (cheers). When we won Iowa they said it might be a fluke. But when you win South Carolina, it starts meaning something. And I think a trend is beginning out there.”

Obama, referring to event at American University with the Kennedy’s-Ted, Patrick and Caroline—said “It was a moment that called for extraordinary humility on my part and actually involved me, and, ah, clamped down a little bit and not get too choked up, because that family represents so much about this country and the last forty years, the last fifty years.”

Obama, mentioning the the tragedies of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK Jr., said, “to see Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy, Patrick, stand up there today and say to a group of 4,000 young people that the dream has not died, that we are ready once again to accept the challenges of the next generation, that the torch has been passed; that was not about me, that was not us. That was about America. …We are at a moment to change history right now.” (cheers)

“We are at a moment right now where we can shape and remake this country”

From there, Obama picked up much of his stump speech.

Then he returned to the KENNEDY ENDORSEMENT and his RIVALS.

“Part of what this afternoon was all about, was reminding people that we are reaching for more than that. That’s really what the argument right now …Democratic candidates is all about. Do we have to settle for the same old petty, trivialized, parsing politics of the past, or can we seek something bigger and bolder. Are we going to tinker around the edges of health care or are we going to build a working majority, so that every single American has health care that is at least as good as the health care…as a member of Congress.

Picks up stump speech, near end with refrain, “this is our moment, this is our time.”



As Long as this country is of the people, with the people, for the people America is sick and tired of dog-house politics let the next generation come in and do what the baby boomers thought they will do and failed everyone. Thank you Ted,Oprah,Caroline and Patrick.

you are part of the root of this country


Can we keep this local? I'd like to thank all of the Illinois tree huggers for the election of Gov. BlagojeBitch. Not only has he suceeded in lying about not raising taxes, he has also hornswaggled millions worth of Contributions from Rezco... Good job, Mr. Perfect hair!!!! Patty Mell, I should have dated you when you were single and living next to my aunt and uncle on Addison.

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