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Sweet: Obama's glitzy high end Pacific Palisades "Hollywood" fund-raiser. (The one not on his schedule) Pictures. Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross attends.


pacificpalisadesjan162006 001
Sign taped to lightpost directing Obama donors to parking lot in Pacific Palisades.

pacificpalisadesjan162006 006
The scene at Obama fund-raiser Thursday night outside of the home of co-host David Fisher.
(photos by Lynn Sweet)

PACIFIC PALISADES, CALIF.--In a wooded area near the ocean, up in the hills of Rustic Canyon, cars, limos and shuttles ferrying donors from a parking lot jamed the road in front of the home of David Fisher, a co-host on Wednesday night of a ritzy fund-raiser for White House hopeful Barack Obama. The car valets wore white uniforms.

Obama, facing a Nevada caucus vote on Saturday, flew here after a stumping in Henderson, Nevada for a roundtable discussion on the economy in Van Nuys, followed by a meeting with the Los Angeles Times editorial board and topped with the $2,300-a-person fund-raiser he would prefer the press not cover. On Thursday Obama hits the Bay area for more campaigning, fund-raising and a session with the San Francisco Chronicle.

pacificpalisadesjan162006 012
Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross attended the Obama fundraiser with husband Tom Mahoney. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

According to the Politico’s Jeffrey Ressner, "Sponsors of the event include a troupe of top Hollywood names: Interscope’s Ted Field; Phoenix Pictures’ Mike Medavoy; producer Paula Weinstein; environmental activist (and wife of Universal Studios' president) Kelly Meyer; Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton and vice chairman Yair Landau; producer Wendy Wanderman; former MCA Records chief Jay Boberg; former Jim Henson Company CEO Charlie Rivkin; Screen Gems Senior Vice President Eric Paquette; George Clooney’s TV production president, Abby Wolf-Weiss; and various venture capitalists and financiers."

The valet parkers wore uniforms.

pacificpalisadesjan162006 014

pacificpalisadesjan162006 008

pacificpalisadesjan162006 009

pacificpalisadesjan162006 013
(photos by Lynn Sweet)

At the Van Nuys event, in the yard of a home, Obama talked about high interest rates, credit issues and the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

“My priority as president is going to be to restore a sense of fairness and a sense of responsible oversight in the lending industry. That’s going to be something that we do in the long term. In the short term, I want to help keep people in their homes," Obama said.


Senator Obama, who has the ability to pass legislation to outlaw outright the raising of 0 percent interest rates to 30% interest rates, should NOT be talking about fully informing consumers. He should passing legislation in the here and now to PREVENT such abuse from occurring. As Zora Neal Hurston liked to say "Not all skin is kin." Maybe race isn't the best way to decide who's best for leading America. ?

As a republican I am feeling more and more confident each day that we will win in November and continue to dominate the white house. Thank you Ms. Sweet for reporting on this secretive fund raiser.

I had heard you had an Obama problem -- and have seen you on MSNBC many times and did not think this was the case -- but until reading your posts, one after another -- I never realized how true this was

Maybe you should cover the Clinton campaign for awhile and see if they live up to th standard you seem to set for Sen Obama --

As you are concerned with money issues and power players - why nothing on Mark Penn and his affiliation with the Abu Dhabi firm who bought 5% of CitiCorp (guess that's where Senator Clinton learned about Sovereign Wealth Funds)

All the candidate have flaws - at least try to give that equal time

Wonder what kind of "change" these people are hoping for? Not the change that might happen to drop from someone's pocket at the bus stop, I assume.

Good for him. What is secretive about it? Bush and co. did this like crazy. It is funny that people make such a fuss. And why aren't we talking about all the candidates on this issue instead of highly focusing on Obama. Lets see comparisons across the board. Be fair. It is what people really want.

Perhaps I've misunderstood, but I always thought the point of fundraisers was to actually raise funds. If so, one would presumably need to go where there are funds available. You seem to imply that it is inappropriate for him to attend such functions, but it would be impossible to raise money if he doesn't. Also, regarding opening the private events to the media-- if I hosted an event in my home to raise funds for a candidate and invited some friends to offer their support, I would hardly ask the media to attend. It would be a private dinner party- not a public function. I can absolutely understand why the media isn't welcome at private homes- regardless of who the candidate is.

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