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Sweet: Obama wins South Carolina. His way. Big endorsement coming Sunday? UPDATE. It's Caroline Kennedy for Obama.


COLUMBIA, S.C.--Barack Obama clinched the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday after a race with a nasty tone where former President Bill Clinton's aggresive push for his wife became an issue.

UPDATE Obama, seeking to inherit the Kennedy mantle, wins the endorsement of Caroline Kennedy. LINK

Excerpt from her New York Times op ed about Obama where she passes a torch to him

"I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president — not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."

In a state where race played a role, and with a hefty black electorate, exit polls showed that Obama snared a whooping 81 per cent of the African-American vote and the white splitting between the three rivals.

Obama delivers a victory speech at 9 p.m. eastern, and I hear that Obama will talk about how his victories in Iowa and South Carolina--states with vastly different popullations--show that his "movement" politics are taking hold.

And that big endorsement I hear is coming....the two biggest out there are Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) and former Vice President Al Gore. UPDATE It turns out to be Carolne Kennedy.


Obama is up to 54% now!

This would be the first majority vote win in a Democratic primary this campaign.

Please, I know you are typing fast in the midst a news story, but race would play a "role" not a "roll" - it isn't a piece of bread, or spinning like a barrel. Saying Obama is "on a roll" I would accept...

thanks. i fixed. was typing fast.

We as American's are taking our country back.
We are inspired, motivated and will show our unity.
There isn't really a need to explain why. Seems like
everyone should know what is happening to our country now.

The status quo will no longer motivate us.

It is the way our country was meant to be, for us, by us.

This would be a huge endorsement, if it is true, congradulations Barack Obama!

Lynn--Is Caroline Kennedy the endorsement you were hearing about or is there still another BIG one coming

Lynn, spelling check? Neat text arrangement? Also, disappointing that you were tipped off Caroline Kennedy was "that big endorsement." Awesome endorsement, but...

I'd brush up on the blogging routine. Less Clinton lip service, too.

As a Republican who has voted for the GOP nominee since 1992, I subsequently lost faith in both parties over the last 3 years. I am happy to say I have never been as optimistic about the potential of the potential of the White House as I am with Obama's candidacy. The fact that many fiscally conservative / socially libertarian Republicans like myself have joined the Obama movement is a very hopeful sign for his candidacy (and this country)...fingers crossed he gets the nomination (perhaps with Edwards as Attorney General in waiting). If it's the Clintons again, I'll most likely support Bloomberg, McCain, or Romney (holding my nose with Romney).

confused... you post an update announcing caroline kennedy's endorsement... does this void the 'big endorsement' (possibly ted kennedy/gore) that you initially mentioned, or is there another one coming?

I've always felt sorry for Caroline--her father's death was not investigated properly. It really represents the beginning of unacknowledged coups. The Vietnam War, valiantly opposed by returning veterans, silently bankrupted our country in every way possible. John Edwards seems to truly understand how to fix that. The news media, Sweet included, continue portraying this as anything but the 3 way race it still is. Two well-heeled (yes Barack worked for 3.5 years with poor people while his grandparents were still around to send him money from Hawaii) candidates stealing ideas from the son of a millworker. For all his crowing that he's not racist--Barack is playing that fiddle for the under 30 crowd who can't see it for what it is. STOP SAYING IT'S A TWO PERSON RACE. 18 points, when you've been outspent 50 and 40 to one everywhere else is a great outcome. If SC was on Mars, the prior spending of the two corporate candidates would not matter. The national coverage has been shamefully anti-Edwards.

The fight is not over. South Carolina was nothing more than a black victory for a black man from a black population. Caroline Kennedy (God bless her, she has had a sad life) but was way too young to really know her father before he was assinated. In my estimation OBAM is nothing like John Kennedy, and never will be. Please remember my words "if Obama is elected President you all will regret this as another big mistake to the Whitehouse." He is arrogant John was never that, John had charisma, not the same thing. John cared about the people and would never have attacked his opponents the way Obama has attacked Hillary. The media has made it out to look like Clinton's are the only ones on the attack; and the people have been brainwashed to believe that. Obama will continue to take the uneducated easily swayed black vote, but that will not make him a winner.

Hearing of Caroline's endorsement touched my heart in a special way. My generation had its inspirational leaders, John, Bobby and Martin, tragically taken away from us and lost our way. Senator Obama has once again given me hope of realizing our dream of a unified America capable of meeting any challenge and reclaiming it's place as a beacon of hope for the world.

Our dreams unlock the door

To a place we once called home

Where full of life’s sweet promise

Our spirits freely roamed

Back to a time when we still believed

In all of life’s possibilities

Our dreams can lead us

To a future all our own


Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama. As a Illinois voter, it seems that Ms. Kennedy has no idea of who she is endorsing.

I wonder if Ms. Kennedy knew who Obama was back in 2004 when he was a Illinois State Senator?

Again, Obama is a great speaker, but that does not make him eligible for the most powerful job on earth.

Readers need to understand that Obama is a U.S. Senator from Illinois for two in a half years, that's all. He has not done his whole term and why the rush?

I would support Mr. Obama if he would do his whole term first as a Freshman U.S. Senator instead of jump roping to the White House.

Finally, Obama wants to be considered CHANGE, then get rid of the Daley insiders in your campaign, starting with Axelrod, otherwise your just another insider politican from Chicago.

Al and Tipper Gore need to endorse Obama this week, the timing is perfect and there's no way they're going for HRC. Each loath the Clintons and consider then 'vulgar' people.

I am encouraged that the post I see speak to a spirit of unity. I have not seen any post that are remotely harsh. As an African American woman I am encouraged by that. I am further encouraged by the trend that our nation is portraying. We look at experience, intellect and will to perform as a means of making endorsements.

Be well,


al gore has to come out of the woodwork and endorse someone....that's why he's a leader...he's voice must be heard!!!!

I agree with Ceaser 100%. I do not know who Obama is so what is the big fuss. What is his stance? As far as the Kennedy's, when they were in the White House this is when the US started selling out to foreign countries.

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