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Sweet: Obama to pick up endorsement of Sen. John Kerry. Kerry rejects 2004 runningmate Edwards. UPDATE Edwards statement.


updated at 11:47 a.m. eastern time

CHARLESTON, S.C.--White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) picks up his third Senate endorsement on Thursday--of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) the 2004 Democratic nominee, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Thursday. Kerry will be joining Obama at a rally here at the College of Charleston this morning on a campus where moss is hanging from the oak and magnolia trees. Credit AP for the scoop.

Some endorsements don't get much notice--some have some juice and this is one of them The Kerry endorsement is very big big. It's a rejection by Kerry of his 2004 running mate, former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.).

It is surgically timed.

Kerry's nod comes as the South Carolina primary is heating up--the only state Edwards won in 2004 and his last gasp to keep his candidacy alive. Kerry may be very useful to help shore up Obama on what has been his chronic weakness this year--questions by voters about his experience. Kerry vouching for Obama means a lot. It is also a bit of a snub to Clinton. It also helps push the New Hampshire loss into memory.

The biggest prize for the candidate who is setting himself as the heir apparent to John F. Kennedy Jr. is Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and he has not tipped his hand yet. It may be that he will now that Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) and Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) dropped out of the presidential race.

Besides helping wholesale in the 22 Feb. 5 states coming the Nevada caucus and South Carolina votes that are teed up--Kerry's endorsement could give pause to uncommitted superdelegates who were having second thoughts about Obama after he lost New Hampshire on Tuesday. (see column below for how Obama plans to roll out superdelegate endorsements this week. Kerry is a superdelegate.)

Edwards said in a statement the election is about the future, not the past--get it, Kerry is the past--and even though they ran together now Edwards is telling us they did not agree on all that much anyway. “Our country and our Party are stronger because of John’s service, and I respect his decision. When we were running against each other and on the same ticket, John and I agreed on many issues," Edwards said.

The two will be appear together at a rally here on a warm day at this beautiful historic college founded in 1770.



Chapel Hill, North Carolina – John Edwards released the following statement today about Senator John Kerry’s endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.

“Our country and our Party are stronger because of John’s service, and I respect his decision. When we were running against each other and on the same ticket, John and I agreed on many issues. I continue to believe that this election is about the future, not the past, and that the country needs a President who will fight aggressively to end the status quo and change the Washington system and to give voice to all of those whose voices are ignored in the corridors of power.”



No matter how he tries to frame it, people still think of Edwards as part of "the past" as well.

OH! THis is good. LMAO!

I think this is an excellent symbol and being Obama claims he is just the symbol of change, it's most fitting.

The people are tired of being taken advantage by these politicians. John Edwards doesn't just claim to just want to be change, he is the Real change on Real issues. From campaigning around the country to raise the minimum wage, when he was in the Senate to help pass the Patients Bill of Rights, to helping the people in New Orleans after the hurricane and also the racial injustices of Jena 6.

Where was Obama in his few short years in the US Senate? He said he was busy working, but he sure has decided to abdicate that responsibility to spend all his time campaigning for PResident, while still receiving his salary.

And speaking of symbolic....Senator Kerry, did you claim that you would only support someone with your vision on the environment and global warming? How does this fit with Obama pushing for his Corporate interests, Exelon (Nuke) and Coal industry...pushing the lobbyist backed Tax payer dollar funded Liquified Coal Bill, that finally fell apart again in June of 07 after pushing it since April of the previous year?

...everyone was screaming for him to stop. At a time of such consquences on pollution and global warming, that was equal to replacing every car with a HUMMER, doubling the polllution.

...but hay, he never promised to walk the talk, right? After all, when asked in the Debate what personal steps he has himself made, he responded "my campaign planted 1000 trees". Narrator said, "No, you personally", Obama replied, "well, I'm thinking about changing some lightbulbs with my 2 daughters". ......whoooaa, hold me back, such leadership send chills down my spine. (sic)

Sen. Gore abandoned his 2000 running mate, Leiberman, in favor of Howard Dean in 2004, so Kerry's endorsement of Obama has a precedent. We all remember what happened to Howard Dean. This stuff is only important to people who obsess about the trivia of Democratic Party politics. I might add that Edwards' record as a vote-getter is thin, and Kerry may also be including this in his calculations, given that Edwards brought nothing in the way of swing votes to Kerry's 2004 race.

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