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Sweet: Obama to African-American group says, "I understand that many of you are still a little skeptical."

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LAS VEGAS, NV.--Excerpts from talk White House hopeful Barack Obama delievered at a dinner Friday at Caesar's Palace celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with a mainly African-American audience. On Sunday, leading into the King weekend, Obama speaks at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta before heading to South Carolina, where African-Americans could make up at least half of the Democratic primary vote.

“I understand that many of you are still a little skeptical. You’re not as skeptical as you were before Iowa…Sometimes, ah I got to be careful here, sometimes it takes other folks before we believe in ourselves.

Sometimes we get that thing in our head that says we cannot do something. We’ve been told for so long it’s not possible. We got to wait for somebody else to tell us it’s possible….

So don’t tell me I can’t do something. When you tell me I can’t do something you’re telling yourself you can’t do something. You’re telling your children and your grandchildren that you can’t do something. …I believe in ‘yes we can’. I believe in ‘yes we can.’ That’s what Dr. King believed in."

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No doubt, the life of Martin Luther King and his many achievements warrants remembrance and celebration. HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, using this great man as a cloak to "buy votes" is disgraceful. C'mon, Obama; you're not fooling all of us!

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