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Sweet: Obama says if he wins NH, he will be president.

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Barack Obama points out an undecided voter at a rally Friday morning in an airplane hangar in Portsmouth, N.H. to organizer Matt Devine. "We're coming after you," he said to the undecided. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

jan42008 002 Obama asked for a show of hands of undecides. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

PORTSMOUTH, NH.-"If you give me the same chance Iowa gave me last night," White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told a crowd here, his first stop after winning the Iowa caucus, "I truly believe I will be president of the United States."

Quick thoughts on this Portsmouth event, in a vast and chilly airplane hangar housing a variety of Pan Am planes (yes the legacy airline died years ago; the name was sold to a regional airline)

*Obama was reading from notes in a ringed notebook on the podium where he stood, reflecting the new elements inserted today in his stump speech.

*A key element is his new refrain, "In four days," a line designed to show the urgency of his mission, with four days until the Jan. 8 primary.

*Developing. Just got word Obama will be stopping at a coffe shop in Dover, the Cafe on the Corner and have to pack up for now.

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Yes, I agree now that it is most propable that he will be the next president. However, I don't think that it will be in the bag unless he wins So. Carolina. Herein may lie the reason that Edwards has been defending Obama. Edwards is not as well known nationaly as now is Obama and his presidental hopes are now almost certainly done. But because Edwards is from the South and a lot more conservative than is Obama, I believe that they will be running mates and make a great team. Further, because Obama, although a US Senator, is not yet a "true" member of that club he needs a Senate President is a club member and who can do a lot in that position to guide "change" in that institution as well as in the Union generally.

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