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Sweet: Obama heading towards an Iowa win. Flight tonight to New Hampshire.


DES MOINES, IA.--It's not official yet, but White House hopeful Sen.Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is poised to win the Iowa Democratic caucus, bolstered by a wave of turnout across Iowa, double that of 2004. After results are made official and Obama thanks his backers at a rally here, he takes a late night charter to New Hampshire where there is a primary five days from now.

Lines were so long at some caucus sites, said Obama senior David Axelrod, that "there are places where people can't get in the caucus."

"I think the turnout is large everywhere," he said. Some 124,000 turned out for the Democratic caucus in 2004 and Obama team projected 2008 turnout as high as 230,000

He added, "Not just Democrats" and not just repeat caucus goers. There are tens and tens of thousands of new people."

For the past several days, the campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has been braced for a loss--even third place.

Obama supporters just started steaming into Hy-Vee Hall here, boisterous at the expectation that Obama's campaign for change worked in this first-in the nation presidential vote state.


Yes, yes, yes. I'm so ecstatic. We are ready, willing and able for a change. Obama can and will make a change for the people and the world. He is the one to bring together this world for peace and love for one another. I believe in Obama and all he stands for in this country for the American people.

Watching Senator Obama give his victory speech in Iowa as I type this makes me proud to be an American.

president barack obama will be the best not only for the united states but for the world as a whole.
i hope the people of this God blessed country can make the right decision and choose the one that will help this country go back to its right track.
president clinton was and will always be the savior of "america". but eight years of that salvation process have been hindered by an administration that pours fear as a means to gain control.
if the people of the united states make the right choice this time we are going to have a river of prosperity around the world that will flow endlessly.
i hope and pray these people can be coherent and good in judgement to choose the best at last.

cesar melo
florence, italy.

I am so proud to be American today, I truly cannot believe he won by such a large amount...Thank God that this day has come I think America may have turned a corner. I like Huckabee and McCain I would cross over and vote for a republican if they are up against Clinton...BUT WOW I CANNOT BELIEVE OBAMA DID IT...In a white state a black man in America has begun his chance to become President of the United States. My family is abuzz my neighbors are abuzz, the internet is abuzz. I believe now...I believe


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