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Sweet: Not far from the Chicken Ranch. Waiting for Barack.

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obamakerryjan102008 At the Culinary Workers headquarters in Las Vegas before a canvass for Barack Obama. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

PAHRUMP, NV.--Waiting for Barack Obama to show up for a town hall meeting, in this town around 60 miles from Las Vegas and not far from Yucca Mountain (One would think Obama is going to say something about the proposed nuclear dump site; Nevada has been fighting it for years). We're also not far from the Chicken Ranch and Sherries, another brothel. I wonder who will get the Democratic brothel vote in the Saturday caucus.

The set-up here is a direct transfer from Iowa and New Hampshire. The campaign books a gym. The optics and the script are the same. The blue back sign that says "Change We Can Believe In." The yellow tickets with where-to-find your caucus info. A local county coordinator plays a quiz game about a caucus. Only thing different is everybody stood up and sang "God Bless America" awhile ago and a trio performed. The parking lot is full, a nice, not full crowd in the gym.

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