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Sweet: New Clinton ad. She found her voice.



Yes, Hillary found her voice by "listening" to people. In fact, she even allows them to ask their OWN questions at her events now (she got caught having her staffers plant them in the past). Too bad she wasn't listening to people when she voted for the Iraq War -- a vote she STILL stubbornly refuses to admit was a mistake!

This "soft" image is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. Meanwhile, she lets her surrogates do the dirty work, telling people Barack is just a "fairy tale" (Bill Clinton) and is "shucking and jiving" his way to the nomination (Andrew Cuomo). How anybody can support her and this awful brand of politics is beyond me.

Jim, agree with you. That's why Clinton needs a web site like "The Hillary I Know."

Honestly, Clinton creeps me out. I suspect Hillary will do more to further damage to our civil liberties and our Constitution than Bush has done.

Bush, Clinton, Bush... We need a fresh start.

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