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Sweet: Letter from Pella, Iowa. Five hours and counting.

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DES MOINES, IA.--I've talked to many Iowans this past year about the presidential race. To say so many of these folks are diligent is an understatement. The argument to keep Iowa as the first-in-the-nation test vote is that the Iowans do their homework.

With the Democratic caucus doors opening at 6:30 p.m. (precinct captains are supposed to arrive early), here's a letter I got from a man I met earlier this year from Pella, Ia. who details why and how he got hooked on Obama.

Dear Ms. Sweet,

My wife and I met you at an Obama gathering a few months ago in Pella, Ia. You gave me your card and said to keep in touch, so here it goes.

It's five hours to caucus time at the Pella Middle School, I'm a retired Social Studies teacher and my wife who works at Central College is wavering a bit, but will probably stand for Hillary.

We met the Obama's an hour after talking to you at a meeting for Educators and my interest in Barack has turned into resolve ever since, Michelle is a large part of that, she is truly amazing. My wife (Ellen) got us an invites to the Jefferson-Jackson gathering in Des Moines because of her Hillary contacts.

After Edwards and Hillary talked she wanted to leave, ahead of the massive crowd, but I insisted on staying to hear Barack...WOW!

What an incredible oratory, after which I did some detailed analysis of his views on key issues and concluded the following;

1) "he gets it" He's on the right side of the right issues in the right order of priority,

2) "he WILL do something about it" Even more than people realize, I sense that Barack is not about politics, but change and he would "go to the people" if the Congress does notinitiate the necessary changes that are no longer optional. All things change, yet All things connect, the key to get this job done is positive communication, cooperation, common sense & caring... he gets that.

So I've made up my mind and will stand for the man with the best plan. Since we've been "short changed in the 20th century, we need someone for Long(term) Change in the 21st Century.

Steve Heiting

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