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Sweet: John Edwards looking for some coverage parity with Obama, Clinton. Video.

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1 Comment

As opposed to Hilobama--who go nuclear on each other--Gee what hay the repubs will make of either of them if they get the nod?
As for the nuclear issue--Edwards is right--it's not safe, it's a terrorist target waiting to happen--we don't know what to do with the nuclear waste except turn it into weapons to commit war crimes with, but the big issue is--IT'S A NET LOSS OF ENERGY--LIKE ETHANOL!
AND obama's up to his butt with funding from ethanol and he's connected to Exelon. If the kids could quit looking at him like he's the Mick Jagger they never knew...
Keep up the good work Sweet--it's not supposed to be a coronation of a king--it's supposed to be an ELECTION!

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