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Sweet: Fox's Bill O'Reilly in confrontation with Obama staffer at rally. UPDATE


NASHUA, N.H.-- Fox News host Bill O'Reilly got into a confrontation with an Obama aide after O'Reilly started screaming at him as he tried to get Barack Obama's attention following a rally here. O'Reilly eventually did chat briefly with Obama and asked him to be a guest on his show.

The incident was triggered when O'Reilly--with a Fox News crew shooting--was screaming at Obama National Trip Director Marvin Nicholson "Move" so he could get Obama's attention, according to several eyewitnesses. "O'Reilly was yelling at him, yelling at his face," a photographer shooting the scene said.

O'Reilly grabbed Nicholson's arm and shoved him, another eyewitness said. Nicholson, who is 6'8, said O'Reilly called him "low class."

"He grabbed me with both his hands here," Nicholson said, gesturing to his left arm and O'Reilly "started shoving me." Nicholson said, " He was pretty upset. He was yelling at me."

Secret Service agents who were nearby flanked O 'Reilly after he pushed Nicholson. They told O'Reilly he needed to calm down and get behind the fence-like barricade that contained the press.

Obama had his back turned at this point and did not see any of this.

O'Reilly yelled "sir" at Obama and Obama walked over, not aware of what happened and told him he had an overflow crowd to visit. According to the time code from a photographer shooting the two, Obama and O'Reilly talked near 11:45 a.m. eastern time.

He just came right around the barricade. They shook hands and Mr. O’Reilly said he thought Sen. Obama was great and that he loved him and loved to have him on the show and said he would think about coming on after the primaries.

The situation took place near risers in the gym at Nashua North High School where Obama just addressed a jammed rally.


Why these people will not speak to Fox's OReilly is beyond me, he has a huge audience, larger than most media outlets.

Does BillO actually think he THAT important?

Hey, it's a tough business and you have to be boisterous to get a candidate's attention sometimes. I wouldn't doubt if this Nicholson guy was blocking O'Reilly intentionally because of his perceived right lean. Bodyguards have crappy attitudes as well. This isn't even news worthy.

Who cares?

O'Reilly, shows us once again, why we really don't want a New Yorker as President.

Any truth to the story that Obama had Iowa outof state students voting for him at the Iowa Caucus?

O'Reilly is a well known part of the problem that lots of folks are tired of. Soon he will share the quasi-quack status Rush Limbaugh enjoys, and Fox has staked out...

Heh. Somehow I doubt O'Reilly "screamed" at anyone. And he called the aid "low class"? Why, that's hitting below the belt! But Obama better watch out. O'Reilly just might shake his finger at him and (shudder) give him a stern look.

O'Reilly you are such a bully. And Obama was either smart enough to avoid O'Reilly no matter what, or he has a sixth sense to know that something awkward just happened at the hands of Bill. Well done.

Just goes to show who is really low class, dumpster boy Oreily, typical republican self rightousness, at its best. Goes to show who really is low class

Well...lets see, both sides will spin this, and the name calling, finger pointing garbage begins.


Every one of us must remember that loud-mouth O'Reilly believes himself to be bigger and more important than life itself.

This headline suggests that Obama's staffer is somehow to blame, when it seems he was the the victim. The real story is that O'Reilly again showed his true colors.



O'Reilly has bells, thats for sure.

no wonder there are no comments. who wants to post where a censor has to "approve " your comment. your pal, joe blow

Any expectation of an unbiased report was lost with the first word BOMBASTIC. Great reporting Lynn!

Go Bill !!!

Good for O'Reilly. Obama doesn't want tough questions. His campaign is like a television ad: it's all hype. Obama should answer questions. Rather than O'Reilly needing to shove a staff person out of the way, the staff person should have been helping him get his question answered.

Yeah, and I'm sure he's the only one who has been in an altercation with the campaigns. Just because it's O'Reilly, it makes the news. Another report stated that the man blocking O'Reilly's view and path was doing so on purpose because of who he is. If Obama wants to represent all of America, doesn't it behoove him to speak to someone who has the highest cable news program? Double-standards in EVERY campaign and obviously in the reporting.

Somehow I think Bill O will somehow blame this on the "secular progressives." Maybe Bill was just intimidated by Marvin Nicholson, who is taller then Bill.

I have said for years that O'Reilly was a spoiled brat who thinks he sets the standard for Citizens of the USA . I cannot understand how others , including his superiors , do not see this side of the man and continually support his irrational behavior . He is not , however , alone in the staffing of Fox News and this is the reason I do not use their network for my news gathering or information source anymore .

I was at the rally and was quite impressed with the Senator's oratorical skills. The crowd was very large, over flowing the capacity of the gym, and was highly energized (by New Hampshire standards). I did notice Mr. O'Reilly to the right of the Senator. Bill's profile is unmistakable. He was dressed casually in a Fox News varsity jacket. Throughout the Senator's speech Bill paid a fair degree of attention. I hung around at the conclusion of the speech to watch the Senator glad hand but I somehow failed to observe the altercation. It would have been difficult for Bill to get very close without folks making room for him and his crew. Keep an eye on Obama - he is impressive and clearly has momentum.

This is earth-shattering news. I don't think anything like this has ever happened at a political rally before. Can't wait for the follow-up.

There are times like this when certain people need a good old ass kicking so that they remember their place. Perhaps old Bill was excited and just wanted to get a sound bite, and perhaps he was very rude at that given moment. And perhaps he needs to be put in his place. As Clint Eastwood once said (in one of his more famous roles), "A man's got to know his limitations". It sounds like Bill needs to be reminded that it's better to be polite than rude. Just as it's better not to have your ass kicked when when the Secret Service isn't there to save your pudgy loud-mouthed self. Bill, we've known your type since grade school. You are a real tough guy, until it's just you alone with no one to back you up. Then you become the coward that you really are. And I'll stand by my comments and kick your ass personally. Bring it on!


More incontrovertible proof that Bill O'Reilly is a lunatic.

"O'Reilly was yelling at him, yelling at his face," a photographer shooting the scene said.

O'Reilly grabbed Nicholson's arm, said "move" and shoved him, another eyewitness said. Nicholson, who is 6'8 said O"Reilly called him "low class."

Show the pictures, or it did not happen.

Saw this Live on C-SPAN, I was quite amazed! O'Reilly will do anything to get attention.....

After that and the Mackris incident, O'Reilly and class shouldn't be uttered in the same sentence. The man has no integrity or honor and this is just the latest window into his off-air persona.

Bill is a funny human being, so puffed with his own importance. One of these days, he'll push the wrong 6'8" dude and get his teeth knocked down his throat. Karma baby. It's bound to happen one day.

That Great news, can someone please get Bill O off the air?

Hasn't most of America figured out by now he's a propagandist?

Good Bye Fox News, Ron Paul is taking you down.

o reilly is a tough individual. he fought with the u.s. army in el salvador in the 80's. so what if the guy is 6'8"...
oh wait. he lied about that and was called on it. he was actually a slimy journalist down there. what a tool. someone needs to give him a good beat down

O'REILLY at times because of his 'disposition' and his 6foot8inch height - can be at times 'alot to handle' - NOT MUCH NEWS IN THIS VERY MINOR 'KERFUFFLE'.

Does anyone actually comment here?

O'Reilly continues to prove everyday what a jerk he rally is. Time to retire 'Bill-O'

I need YOUR approval????? Yikes!

O'Reilly is always trying to get attention -- and this is really a low class for him. I am sure he couldn't get Obama on his program, so he has to try ambushing the candidate. I bet he will use this on his program to spew hatred towards Obama.

o'reilly is a real class act

Okay, and the point of this little story is what? This is not news. This is not important. Does anyone care about this -- I think not.

... and the right has been calling John Edwards an"angry man."

O'Reilly just another obnoxious member of the press? Who would've ever guessed.

Why wouldn't the jerk move?

Have you ever felt like you have been conned? I have- in following the link to this story.

Where's the beef? What's the story? Bill O'Reilly raises his voice and tries to get to a position where he can attract a presidential candidate's attention? This action(s) irritates a staffer? ..... That is the STORY?!!!

It amazes me as to what now is considered to be worthy of a journalist's expenditure of writing energy. Must be a sloooowwwww news day!!

What would make great press is a serious O'Reilly interview with Obama. Then there would be something of substance to report instead of this nonsense.


Kevin Koob

Kudos to Bill, he is a good role model for today's journalists! His nemises Keith Olberman, the clown of cable news, and his partner, Chris Matthews, could learn a few lessons from Mr. O'Reilly.

Hmm, I'll be interested in seeing the "bombastic" O'Reilly's side of this on Monday. I doubt he was screaming and shoving people out of the way, as described here.

Bill O'Reilly is a jerk of the first class.

Hey Bill, maybe you should have held up a Luffa or perhaps poured a glass of wine and told Barack how hot he made you.

We dislike you and everything you are... get over yourself.

Go back to covering Brittany,

Your credibility as a journalist is over.

There must have been several witnesses to this incident. I'll reserve judgment until it is confirmed that that is what happened.

Typical O'Reilly - He's a thug and a bully. The Secret Service should have arrested him.

O'Reilly, you're the best! Bill knows how to get an interview...his competition is still working on Journalism degrees!

Big deal.

See that O'Reilly and his 'no spin zone' has extremely strong association with propaganda (spin?) tactics. He uses name calling once every seven seconds. He uses 'glittering generalities' and provides little evidence for his claims, yet Americans imbibe him like stiff drink, become drunk off his vapors. We are truly 'entertaining ourselves to death' with the likes of him and the other pundits. Who can resist them? How do they do it? Who can make a real effort to study an issue and arrive at a perspective grounded in multiple non-Reillyan sources? Want some useful perspective on age old forces that are embedded with power, including American power- you can do little better than Michael Parenti's book: The Assassination of Julius Caesar. A single source attempting to explain O'Reilly's mouth: My best- J

Better reporting without the use of adjectives.

Oh ho ho

Good stuff, and clearly still developing. The story sounds like the tap has been analyzed. I hope the Secret Service takes this physical threat to a protected candidate seriously and does a full background check and interrogation. Being on TV doesn't preclude someone from being a dangerous individual. Even OJ did movies.

I look forward to the footage.

Bill, you shouldn't get so aggressive with the Treasury Department...

So what! This is news?

Obamatic Fox News host Bill O'Reilly got into a confrontation with an O'Bombas aide?

"Obama and O'Reilly talked about 12 seconds"

Wow, an in depth interview, but longer than Hillary or Chelsea would allow.

Like news guys for the last 100 years haven't been jerks to get a story or an inside scoop.

Who cares?

Lynn Sweet is another of the left wing liberals. It is apparent in this one-sided reporting.

Go Bill!!

Bill O'Reilly desperately needs aggressive and compassionate care from top-flight mental health professionals.

O'Reilly has become even more pompous of late... me-thinks he believes his own poop doesn't stink! He's definitely a legend in his own mind.

Go O'Reilly!

Why o why could the SS not just have busted a cap in this turd. O'Reilly, get the f over yourself.

Marvin Nicholson was John Kerry's "Body Man" in 2004. A striking, incredibly tall figure on the campaign trail then; I had no idea he was working with Obama now.

I'm sure he's a quite familiar person to the Secret Service, having worked with Marvin Nicholson throughout the 2004 campaign trail.

Fascinating account, Lynn!

Typical O'Reilly. Such a heightened sense of self-importance that he would seek to shove a 6'8" guy is instructive.

anyone who knows Oreiley knows he doen't scream to get attention.

We know Bill O'Reilly is an a--hole. As Fox is now part owned by the Saud family, Bill never goes after the enemies of America anymore, he just assaults people doing their jobs.
This is news?

O'Reilly = geek

They all run from Bill.However,if they would only come in and talk to him,he always treats them with respect and gives them a fair shot.He does ask tough questions so I guess this is why they run.

Sounds great but where's the video? Nothing I would love more than some great video of O'Reilly making an ass of himself.

you know i watch o'rielly, and like most of what i hear, but he can be so full of himself. there is a difference between a strongly held view point and self- importance.

oh bill.....take a pill and calm down..

Good job, Bill!

I can't WAIT until Olbermann gets a hold of this on Countdown Monday

Insist on substance questioning..Please don't be swayed by "charm"..Bill you are the go Bill

O'Reilly is a PATRIOT

I think Obama was gracious to talk with bill after he insulted and shoved one of his staffers. I think that is a very classy thing to do instead of just ignoring him or having him tazed. Might have made a better story if they had tazed or ejected him. I think bill should not have acted like that if it is indeed true, that does not represent a journalist well at all... I think bill and his crew should meet with and apologize to the staffer that he shoved and yelled at...

"That Great news, can someone please get Bill O off the air?

Hasn't most of America figured out by now he's a propagandist?

Good Bye Fox News, Ron Paul is taking you down."

Ron Paul?????? Bwhahahahahahahahaha

Go Bill Go, you go dude!!!!

Who does the left hate the most? Fox? Bill O? Rush? Bush? America? More Bill and less sissies like Obama...and Edwards...and Olberman...and..

So what?.,,,,,the liberals throw pies at people all time, and the liberal sheep think that's funny.....

another liberal story from a liberal newspaper that can't stand the first amendment, except when it applies to them.

You go BillyO. God bless New Yorkers; it's time we had one for President again.

Bill, you did the right thing!!! Go Bill!!!

The Libs hate the fact that Fox News is on the air. Get real left wingers, you have CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC...

Get over it and watch as Hillary comes in 3rd again.


"Mr. O’Reilly said he thought Sen. Obama was great and that he loved him and loved to have him on the show and said he would think about coming on after the primaries."

Once I read that line I knew this report was bogus.

The REAL question is....

If it was Barbara Walters or Katie Couric, would the "staffer" have 'blocked' him? Heck no, they would have helped either one get up front and get attention. That's a FACT.

I believe Obama would go on the show and be fine. However, these FAR LEFT idiots think that Bill isn't fair. He really is (and I'm a Dem.), he just doesn't let people get away with NOT answering a question.

Sorry, if Obama wants to be PRESIDENT and be the most POWERFUL person on Earth, he should be able to handle an interview with Bill.

If he can't, he can't handle being President.


Don't let Obama hide from the hard answers. Go get em Bill, don't let him side step the issues anymore! Bill knew what the staffer was doing, street thug blocking and was not going to let it work. Bill even claimed he really liked Obama, go figure! And Obama was man enough to go talk to the most important journalist/analyst of our time!

Faux Pas Noose(Fox News) has always had these Neo-clowns large market journalist that are only in the game to stir up propaganda. O'Really is not the problem here, it's Faux Pas Noose(Fox News). They pay this guy to terrorize the country. Create division in America. He's the terrorist. Everything that has failed in the past 7years, O'Really has supported it. Faux Pas Noose is not in the business of practicing fair jounalism, they might as well become non profit and open a church.

The most important journalist/analyst of our time? Shanester, you obviously need to see a shrink.

O'Reilly has the most watched commentary show on TV, doesn't make any difference if you like him or not he is a force you have to deal with. He's honest and does tell the truth. Most liberals and spinners don't like him, his show, because he shines the spotlight on the rats. Obama may be a nice man but he is a Socialist from the Socialist Republic of Illinois where the Unions run the state. Obama has avoided every hardball question known to man and he will never go on Bills show as he will be spot lighted for what he really is. I hope he does beat out Clintoon, but then the Republicans do need to win again.

Nice comments. A reporter yelling and pushing his way to get an answer from a candidate: why is this news? Have you ever seen the Whitehouse Press Corp in action? All reporters are "jerks" when it comes to getting a story or question answered.

Why does ANYONE want to talk to O'Reilly? He's an idiot and the only way to get rid of him is to stop legitimatizing him by paying any attention to him. He and Limbaugh are forces of destruction.

Once again, the liberal media only tells one side of the story.

Bill O'Reilly should have been blocked. He's not a journalist. When the fact that he might not get a shot or be able to ask a question this enraged him. He would then have nothing to spin on his show...OMG! He's a coward of the highest order. If you take the Fox news channel as anything but sensationalized propaganda then you are seriously under informed or just plain uneducated.

As a former Washington and political reporter, I saw TV "journalists" behave like this 1,000 times. It was embarrasing, but it happens every day

"Why these people will not speak to Fox's OReilly is beyond me"

because O'Reilly edits the tape to silence his guest's truth, and everything he says is even an insulting lie.

Why these people will not speak to Fox's OReilly is beyond me, he has a huge audience, larger than most media outlets.

Posted by: Jim Wardlaw | January 5, 2008 12:16 PM

Maybe cuz they're rude?

Bill O'Reilly proves once again that he is a bully who believes he should be the story and focus of all the attention. His persecution complex is cartoonishly laughable. First, the sinister liberals are out to steal his Christmas(but thanks to his courage and heroism, HE prevailed). Now, according to the delusional blowhard, a geriatric campaign aide was out to get him.

Again O'Reilly demonstrates that he is nothing but a legend in his own mind. The guy is a flake representing the tired establishment wing of the GOP. The GOPs future lies with the philosophies espoused by Ron Paul et al. who represents the true face of conservatism and the voice of the people. O'Reilly wants to talk to Obama in a desperate attempt to smear him and will not allow Paul on his show as they are terrified of him and the change he represents. Go Ron Paul! Go Obama!

to answer the question posted by chisum: Iowa election laws allow out-of-state students attending college there to vote, and 17-year-olds can vote in the caucuses as long as they are 18 years old by election day.

So is the Fox stable o' starz going batty from the Democratic boycott or what?

It's clear that Bill'O has lost any connection with reality. Trying to foist himslef off to the rope line personnel as a "journalist" reporting for that bastion of "fair and balanced" reporting, FAUX News is another indicator to the FCC that this media giant ought to have its charter revoked. However, FAUX outdid themselves one better - excluding Ron Paul from participating in the debates tonight.

All of you Bill O'Reilly supporters who have posted kudos on this blog - it's clear to me that home schooling has not worked in your situation. You lack any modicom of ability to differentiate between real news and facts and those which are fabricated and issued to the ditto-heads like yourslves to repeat on the internet.

Just do a reality check and detemine what your Repug leadership is willing to put in your cup of Kool-Aid from the Rev. Jim Jones before you assiduously give praise to those who don't give a rat's ass about your future.

O'Reilly and the rest of the losers on FAUX should stop this distraction. It does the Maerican public a great disservice.

Obama's thug-aide's behaviour smells to high heaven. If you want this country to have a strong case of B.O., vote for Barack Obama.

If I were Obama I would refuse to appear on Fox or with O'Reilly at all for a number of reasons. First off, O'Reilly is not a journalist, he is an opinionist/propagandist. Perhaps O'Reilly may have a large audience, but they are not people who are voting for Democrats anyway so Obama has little to gain by appearing there. O'Reilly's audience by definition consists of the gullible, the ignorant, and the uninformed of the stripe that voted GW Bush into the Whitehouse (or at least gave him enough support to allow him to steal the rest). Finally, Fox should be made to pay for the damage they've done to the country with their propaganda that lied the nation into war and force-fed Americans spin on every lie and crime that the Whitehouse ever committed.

O'Reilly should have been asked to leave the event and/or tazed and escorted out of the building. It appears that he received special treatment from the Secret Service. Had I been the staffer, I would have pressed charges. O'Reilly has no right to lay a hand on anyone.


I would have to say that I am - most of the time - in agreement with Bill. I do think that he has from time to time been a little to full of himself but not wildly so.

With this being said-I must admit I first and foremost love a good laugh. I think that both the left and right would agree that it would be worth good money to have seen O'Reilly being tazed by the CIA. In fact he could let Obama do it and send the proceeds of the video to a good cause!!!

"Why these people will not speak to Fox's OReilly is beyond me, he has a huge audience, larger than most media outlets."

Uh, perhaps because he's a lunatic who screams at and assaults people? I think the staffer should press charges.

No comment, Come on Keith.

When Fox news and O'Lielly actually becomes fair and balanced, Barack will answer their questions. After the smearing and outright lies spewed across Fox news about him, I don't blame Mr. Obama from boycotting O'Lielly. Don't forget Bill o' was past the barracade where he wasn't supposed to be and the Secret Service was just doing their jobs. I must admit, I'd like to see the interview happen tho'

Bill O is a moron, just because he says he has a TV show with the highest of doesn't mean its true. The man is an idiot, as are his fans. He's the Jerry Springer of the news world: there to showcase morons and appeal to the people with the lowests of IQs. You neo-cons believe everyone is out to get you and think liberals are overly sensitive?!?

Good chance Billy O was fortunate in many respects, as Obama has had SECRET SERVICE -protection for some time due to DEATH THREATS, for someone bounding around barriers and attempting to muscle into "range" of the candidate, think Billy O got off EASY !!! (and to the likely insert by a HC'er, the ? regarding out of state students in Iowa ..who WERE there to WORK NOT VOTE in the caucus, ask the same of the OTHER CANDIDATES...TRy NH with the HC'ers from the NE flooding in to "support" her !!! ) (the desparation is def showing !!! New kid in town and on the block and telling the old timers time for them to walk....GREAT NEWS for the country cuz the entrenched "experts" sure have NOT accomplished the greater common good and WE, the PEOPLE do know it !!!)

OK. I saw the tape and it was obvious the staffer, on multiple occasions, intentionally blocked a shot that O'Reilly had every right to shoot. The guy was asked to move and didn't. Look, if this was ABC, CBS or CNN that never would have happened. It's too bad people can't just let events play out.

Obama camp is low class. Why Democrats have to Demonize people they do not agree with is what is wrong with politics today. Sweet is just as guilty as the Obama machine is. I guess the change Obama wants is to control the press and limit the ist amendment. You go girl

The comments are really interesting!
Bill Oreilly has the highest rated News hour on TV. I think a lot of those running are afraid of the hard questions.
I cant understand why these Democrats wont appear on his show!
Truly a puzzle.
The People running for the Nomination are programmed and are fearful of off the cuff queries.
everything is rehearsed.
ms. Sweet, as OReilly says, you are a PINHEAD

This 6'8" Obama thug was intentionally blocking O'Reilly's shot and he got exactly what he deserved. Freedom of the press anyone? My question is, Why is Barack Obama so scared or Bill O'Reilly?

Funny how all the O'Reilly and Fox bashers got quiet once everyone got to see exactly what happened on the tape today. Nice try libs. Once again the truth really doesn't matter to these people.


All of you right wing people who are trying to defend your GOD, Bill Oreilly by saying "show me the pics or it didn't happen" or "I'm sure Oreilly wasn't yelling", THERE IS VIDEO EVIDENCE. You can watch the events unfold, unedited by searching for it on any search engine. It is typical Oreilly. Someone needs to stop him.

O'Reilly ISN'T press and has no right to anything. He's a pundit. Learn the difference. He gives opinions for a living. He wouldn't know how to look for "facts" like a real journalist if it was a fish in the amazon that shot up his urethra.

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