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Sweet: Clinton folks braced for Obama win. Militant undecides still wavering.

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jan12008 007 (photo by Lynn Sweet) Get-out-the-caucus instructions for Hillary Rodham Clinton workers, gathering Jan. 1 at a hotel in Ames, Iowa where Clinton spoke and precinct captains distributed election materials.

DES MOINES, IA.--Here's the Thursday Iowa caucus day brief.....undecides are still driving themselves crazy. Here's what I'm calling them: militant undecides.

1. The journalist pundit class is reading tea leaves and the leaves are falling for Barack Obama.

2. I've talked to a variety of Hillary Rodham Clinton people and they are braced to come in third, though they prefer it not be the case.

3. The Edwards team is saying a second place finish is a win for them.

4. To give you an idea of how fluid the situation is, I offer this report. I am talking to a Des Moines couple who plan to attend their Democratic caucus tonight.

The man is for Joe Biden, but does not expect his candidate to survive the first round of voting. Asked his second choice, he said he has none and will not move to another candidate.

The woman is wavering between between Obama and Clinton. I've just talked extensively to her and it's not clear what she's going to do. Her kids love Obama, but they don't live in Iowa.

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