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Sweet: Blogger Sweet at the Oscars (make that the Democratic debate) And the winner is....

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Inside the Democratic debate press filing center(a bar, converted for the night) at the Kodak Theater. My Chicago Sun-Times colleague Mary Mitchell is in the center of the photo. (Photo by Lynn Sweet)

HOLLYWOOD--There is a little time before the Democratic debate starts, so let me digress from politics and tell you the kick I just got from checking out the inside of the Kodak Theater, the home of the Academy Awards.

The press filing center is at about the fourth level of the building--so I just walked on the balcony that's adjacent to where I am (see photo) and that's the nosebleed section of the hall. You know, the last row of the last balcony. I've always wondered during the Oscar telecast if the people at the top balcony can see anything. Well you can see some. And you get bragging rights. But it's about five stories up and far removed from where the stars are.

Now, back to business...

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Business indeed. Thanks for showing us the belly of the beast!

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