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Sweet: Blagojevich radioactive; every Dem state official to stump for Obama except tainted Illinois governor. UPDATE


WASHINGTON--The Obama Illinois campaign, in advance of the Feb. 5 balloting--where the Clinton team is making a run for Illinois delegates--is ramping up, with all the top Democratic office holders stumping for Barack Obama starting on Monday with one exception--Gov. Blagojevich. There's just too much heat on Blagojevich.


Blagojevich's name is surfacing in too many corruption investigations, including that of indicted Tony Rezko, a major Blagojevich fund-raiser who has also raised money for Obama. With Rezko surfacing as a campaign issue for Obama--and with Blagojevich's own problems, no wonder he won't be at the Monday press conference in Chicago.

Appearing together for Obama to kick-off a statewide tour will be Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn; Comptroller Dan Hynes; Attorney General Lisa Madigan; Secretary of State Jesse White and Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.


Blagojevich spokesman Abby Ottenhoff called to say that the Obama campaign has given Blagojevich an assignment, to woo six Democratic governors for Obama.

She also said that a new poll from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch shows the governor has better ratings than the legislature and aked that this be noted. The six governors on Blagojevich's list are...

Freudenthal (WY)
Schweitzer (MT)
Bredesen (TN)
Ritter (CO)
Richardson (NM)
Henry (OK)


Why hasn't anybody written (a well researched account) about how and why this guy was reelected?

The media has reported extensively on the election, reelection of Governor Blagojevich and his campaign finances and controveries, probably much to his chagrin. Specifically, Sun-Times Springfield bureau chief, Dave McKinney, for example, has been writing on Blagojevich campaign finance for years.

blagovich is kiss of death -to be around -obama hopes illinois governor picks clinton would help him.

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