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Sweet at Hollywood debate: Obama dispenses of snub flub.


HOLLYWOOD-- Barack Obama, hit with accusations he snubbed Hillary Rodham Clinton at Monday's State of the Union address, dispenses with the issue at the top of the Democratic debate on Thursday.

" I also want to note that I was friends with Hillary Clinton before we started this campaign," Obama said.

"I will be friends with Hillary Clinton after this campaign is over. She has done -- she's run a -- we're running a competitive race, but it's because we both love this country, and we believe deeply in the issues that are
at stake," he said.


Aside from the power issue--Why does MRS.BILL CLINTON want to return to the scene of the crime where MR.BILL CLINTON humilated her in front of the whole world???

How would she as president keep an eye on the nation and an eye on him???

Yes. They're both members of dueling country clubs--places that get their funding from the same sources. Shame on the media for ruining Kucinich and Edwards. Now that would have been real change. I'll probably do what the Suntimes has been asking us to do all along--vote Obama.

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