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Sweet: Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to endorse Obama. Clinton talks economics in Calif.


WASHINGTON--Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is endorsing Barack Obama for president.

The campaign had been anticipating her support. Another endorsement timed to influence an upcoming election--in this case the thought is Napolitano will have sway in neighboring Nevada, with a caucus on Jan. 19.


My family are retired city workers living in Arizona. They are registered out their and they are voting for Hillary. Not the inexperienced Obama. I cannot understand how you and the media allow Obama to get a free ride of coverage.

I know you are aware of his voting record in the Illinois Senate. It is very scary to vote for Barack Hussein Obama and he has no idea on Foreign Policy and more. I tell everyone, let him do his full term in the U.S. Senate. Jesus, he was just a Illinois State Senator not long ago.

And no one is talking about his I come from Chicago Politics. He is too close to Daley. Will Obama keep our U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Illinois, if he wins?

I live in Illinois. Presidential candidate Barock Obama is still one of my senators. Is anybody interested in learning about what it is like for one of his constituents to make an attempt to interact with his senatorial office...Lynn?

Who are some of Hillary Clinton's top campaign contributors?

Companies that make up the military industrial complex. When you say "experience" I hear "more of the same." Can we really afford more of the same?

Barack Obama refuses special interest money. Hillary Clinton takes it.

Like Senator Kerry said when he endorsed Obama and not Clinton, it's a matter of character, not experience. Morals, not politics. Do we really want more politics or do we want more morals?

Look at the other commenter, Ceaser, who deliberately uses Barack's middle name of "Hussein" - a common name which means "royalty" in Arabic, and is well-used in Kenya - to play the racial/religious prejudice card but obviously leaves out Hillary's middle name because that's not what he's trying to push. Do we really need more of the same?

Look, Barack Hussein Obama is a God-loving Christian who shares a rich heritage derived from the heart of America and the heart of Africa. He grew up outside the continental U.S. and went to school with children of all backgrounds and religions (in Indonesia and in Hawai'i) Don't you forget that.

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