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Sweet: Add Rep. Patrick Kennedy to the Kennedy clan endorsements for Obama. UPDATE And poet Toni Morrison who called Bill Clinton the first black president.


WASHINGTON--When Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and niece Caroline Kennedy endorse Barack Obama here in a few hours, add Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) to the picture. Patrick, the son of Ted, cousin of Caroline, will also be endorsing Obama.

The Obama campaign is also announcing today the backing of poet Toni Morrison, who dubbed Bill Clinton the first black president.


Former President Clinton portrays Senator Obama as only an African-American man running for President.
Are we missing something here?
Senator Obama's mother is Caucasian, like Senator Hillary Clinton.
He is African-American and Caucasian-American, or what was derogatorily termed as a "mulatto".
President Clinton's equation of Obama's victory over Senator Clinton in South Carolina's primary this year to Jesse Jackson, specifically pointed out his African-American characteristics, and specifically dismisses Obama's Caucasian heritage as non-existant, and definitely not white.
Racial profiling anyone?
It seems the ex-President views a half-"black" man as 100% black and 0% "white", or his Jesse Jackson comment would be completely irrelevant.
An African-American vote in 1992 and 1996 was okay for Bill Clinton the Clintons needed them.
In 2008, the Clinton's are completely dismissing the African-American as not being intelligent enough to make an informed vote, unless they vote Clinton.
Senator Clinton and Mr. ex-President, your Jesse Jackson comment point out that Senator is "black". I point out that he is white, whether America likes it or not! Although, he is factually both.
Second, four consecutive President's attending Yale gives America 24-28 consecutive years as Commander-in-Chief.
How about we call it the House of Yale?

I was 18 years old when Sen. John Kennedy ran for President. What a wonderful feeling of hope and joy he brought to so many people. After years of war, then years of a very quiet, old President, you really felt that here was a man who spoke your language and understood the restless feelings of the young.

Today, I am 65, and that "old feeling" is back. Sen. Obama brings back that feeling of hope. Of feelings that makes you want to get involved once again, of feelings that you are proud of our country and want to see changes from the old to the new. Sen. Obama has my 100% support.

Lots of people say feelings and hopes won't bring change. Well that's true, feelings and hope in themselves don't bring change. I guess these cynics who claim to want to make America better but campaign like hope is not at all necessary imagine the federal government doing everything while the American people - America - stand by and watch. WRONG! Hope is necessary!
The feeling of hope moves people to get all hands on deck. The belief that things can change excites young people, old people, whites, hispanics, blacks etc to join and work towards something they believe in - America. Hope gets the indifferent turned lazy to get up from his welfare bed and do something because CHANGE; WE BELIVE, YES WE CAN! In effect all Americans get on deck, republicans, democrats, independents, who know what else - Americans! Then and only then can America move forward, when the American people put hands together and work because 'we' believe we can change something and make things better. Now tell me what you mean by feelings of hope having no meaning. A president in all her/her experience and other qualities should be able to make the American people believe in themselves and their country - one who can wake us up to act. See how many young people are interested in politics and the issues that matter to America now. That is not only good news for America today but it foretells how ready these young people would be when the torch is passed on to them - they would have long be involved. They would have experience attained after hope was awakened. I say GO OBAMA. Bring this nation together!! God bless.

I'd much rather going back to the 90's than the 60's ...

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