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Sweet: Aboard Air Obama, a few words from a hoarse candidate.


DES MOINES, IA --Aboard the Obama charter--where boarding was delayed a few minutes while the Clinton charter was loading, a very hoarse Barack Obama came back and talked briefly to reporters:

I really think that the country is interested in not just change in the abstract but a very specific type of change."

It's 1:01 a.m.

More later in New Hampshire.


There were 314 people at my Urbandale, IA caucus last night. By the end of the evening, 130 stood for Obama. We were young and old and black and white and wealthy and not. We didn't cut any deals, lure anyone with cake or sandwiches, or deride any other campaign. We stood for positive change, and we won the day.
I've been voting in presidential politics since 1992, and I've never before been inspired. Tonight I am inspired. This is what American politics can - and should - be. I hope New Hampshire voters follow our lead.

Great comment from the person who attended the Urbandale, IA caucus. Obama brings a chance for positive change and hopefully, hopefully, not owing any special interests if nominated and elected. I'm hoping for an Obama-Richardson ticket.

As a I registered Republican, this the first time that I felt so inspired by a presidential candidate who adheres to what campaign rhetoric should really address. This is the man, the hour and the time for all Americans to engage in the mainstream of a decisive politic.

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