Sweet: Obama returns more Rezko campaign cash

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WASHINGTON--My colleague Chris Fusco has the story LINK http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/obama/766087,rezkocash012908.article about how Barack Obama decided to return all Rezko related campaign cash.

At first, the Obama campaign hesitated to return all the Rezko-connected The decision comes after Rezko was jailed for blowing the terms of his bond.


Lynn, this is all nice. But Obama may find out that where Clinton will over-whelm him is among Latino's. The reason is a just one. African-American politicians and so-called spokesmen have NOT practiced what they preach as far as sharing power and jobs. They are seen as HYPOCRITES among many hispanic people. And there is a resentment. Lets remember, hispanics are the BIGGEST minority in America, not African-Americans. Yet, they are excluded much of the time by black politicians. Don't believe me, look at the percentage of jobs (or lack of) in positions held by black politicians just here in Cook County. Look how many jobs blacks get from the Eugene Moore's, Dorthey Brown's, etc. in their percentage of the county population in comparison to latino's. Want to hear a good one: In Los Angeles County (CA) hispanics make up 34% of the population but only have 11% of the county jobs. Blacks are 15% of the population but have 31% of the jobs. This may come back to bite Obama in the 'you know where' come the California primary. And look at some of the gutter-trash racist statements blacks have made towards latino's just here in Chicago. Then Ald. Dorthey Tillman stating, "The Voting Rights Act belongs to African-Americans, not them Mexicans". So what did Obama do last year, he endorsed Tillman for re-election. And NOT one black leader or columnist, not Jesse, not Mary Mitchell, nobody, condemned that garbage. Why? Sorry, but some folks remember that. And what about Ald. Emma Mitts: "Saying wherever latino's live, the garbage cans and dumpsters are always full of rats." Racist remarks like that are remembered. So if Hillary wins big among latino voters on Super Tuesday across the country, all I say is remember why.

John, excellent post. Obama got slaughtered by Hillary among the latino vote in Nevada and last night in Florida. Most latinos I know realize that blacks are only out for themselves, and most of those latinos I know do not think very highly of most blacks. As a republican, I hope there are enough dimwitted, guilty white people to give Obama the nomination. Because if he does get the nomination, McCain, led by the latino vote, will slaughter Obama. Look at how well McCain did last night among Cuban Americans in Florida. Obama's support is very narrow. His support is confined to blacks and guilty white liberals. And those two groups of people only make up about 25% of the population.

I am an African American male, so to every Hispanic and Latino person in the United States I would like to apologize to you for what is viewed as a lack of inclusion from African Americans. Now my point to you is it appears you all are casting your vote according to race and what you have said about African American politicians treatment towards you. You are missing that Senator Obama is not asking you to lump him into the role of just being for African Americans, he is trying to bring us all together. Don't judge one brilliant, honest and people concerned individual by the actions of others within a particular race. If you do you're being just like what we are trying to end in the world...race separation.

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