Sweet: Caroline Kennedy stars in Obama ad. See video here.

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WASHINGTON--Caroline Kennedy backs her endorsement of Barack Obama in a spot released Tuesday. Script after the jump.


Color footage of JFK; B&W footage of JFK; footage of moon landing
CK VO: Once we had a President who made people feel hopeful about America and brought us together to do great things.

Color footage of BO in front of flag and walking in front of crowd.
CK VO: Today Barack Obama gives us that same chance.

Color stills of BO
CK VO: He makes us believe in ourselves again. That when we act as one nation we can overcome any challenge.

CK to camera
CK Synch: People always tell me how my father inspired them. I feel that same excitement now.

CK to camera
CK Synch: Barack Obama can lift America and make us one nation again.

Footage of BO with Kennedy family
VO BO: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message


Goggle "Barack Obama's pastor", and read about what his church espouses.

Obama is NOTHING more than a motivation speaker. I was thinking that myself a couple days ago, that he is basically just a motivational speaker. I was looking at a speech he had made. He didn't say anything, but he sure was eloquent about it.

Remember what they did to Harold Ford? Who thinks America has changed in the last 14 months? I might be surprised. But even after Watergate, 45 million Americans still voted for Nixon.

Caroline Kennedy doesn't seem very inspiring. She sounds unexcited when she says "I feel that same excitement now."

Oh, well. It's the thought that counts, I guess.

Who cares? Hillary Clinton will still get my Vote! I have lost all respect for Caroline Kennedy now.....

I'm with with you Sherri, wonder if her mother was still alive would she still have made this endorsement.

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