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Sweet: Photo special/Obama stops to buy some snacks at Webster City, Ia. grocery.


WEBSTER CITY, IA.--Barack Obama picks up two boxes of Christmas cookies and some fruit during a stop at a Hy-Vee grocery. The cashier rang up $12.46. I asked him when he was last in a grocery store. "I have to admit," he said, "I have not grocery shopped since I started this campaign. It actually feels pretty good."

Obama made his first appearence, albeit short on the press bus when the entourage was ready to leave to drop off the cookies. (photos by Lynn Sweet)

december26grocery 003

december26grocery 009

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december26grocery 007

december26grocery 013


In Cedar Rapids we have been subjected to Hillary Clinton's tv ads every day remarking (paraphrasing) how hope doesn't get the job done, it takes action, and how important experience is. In Lynn Sweets article about Obama's visit to Webster City, she calls Obama's comments jabs and indirect attacks at Clinton, then quotes Clinton on how Obama is running a negative campaign. It is outrageous for Hillary to make this kind of comment considering the ad she is running especially after all the attacks she has made on Obama's character and the false information that her surrogates have put out there against Senator Obama. Lynn Sweet's reporting here is one-sided or she is just uninformed about Clinton's ad or the last six weeks of attacks she has made against Obama. Is he not supposed to defend himself?

to Web Master: please keep my e-mail address confidential. Thank you.

Ms Sweet wrote that Obama inferred that Clinton was secretive in the past ? How open has Obama been about his real estate dealings with Rezko or about any/all legal work for him ?

How secretive would Obama be as president ?

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