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Sweet Oprah/Obama Iowa 1: Tickets still available for Oprah rally. UPDATE.


DES MOINES, IA.--Des Moines television station WHO is reporting Saturday morning that there are stil tickets available for the Oprah Winfrey/Barack-Michelle Obama rally here this afternoon.

Obama has at least three tv spots on right now, and I've seen them all at least twice since I checked in my hotel last night. Mitt Romney spots have popped up. Not seen anything for Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE--Just saw an Edwards spot. Aspirational in concept, just as Obama's ads. Not as effective because Edwards is talking to the camera and Obama is shown speaking at a rally.

Big storm front is rolling in. Hope that predicted heavy snow fall does not delay the Des Moines-Cedar Rapids sprint drive on the schedule for later today to cover the second Oprah & Co. rally.

Oprah and the Obama's are flying, I was told, between Iowa's two largest cities. Reporters are driving and there's not that much time between events.

UPDATE Also to note...Former President Clinton is in South Carolina this morning stumping for his wife. Obama/Oprah hit South Carolina on Sunday.


Let's say this right, Barack "Hussein" Obama that is his name when we vote in the voting booth in February.

With that said, Obama cannot win because he is unknown, inexperienced and has to rely on Oprah, in which I am not impressed as a voter.

Oprah should be asked this simple question. Are you going to vote this time after how many years?

Clinton is so desperate she is now dragging her daughter and grandmother out for votes in Iowa. Correct me if i'm wrong wasn't she saying leave my daughter out of this campaign. I guess that just go to show how much trouble she now feels she is in. I have to be honest she is looking desperate with a capital D

"Correct me if i'm wrong wasn't she saying leave my daughter out of this campaign."

You're wrong.

Senator Barack Obama CAN win because many do know him now and after this weekend many MORE will know him. I've heard him speak in person twice and he will win over many hearts and minds in the early states.

I watched the first event on C-SPAN and was very impressed with both Oprah and Obama. I think this was a very positive day for a positive campaign.

Yo Steve in st. pete I take it you would vote for a slimy used car salesman if he ran becuase they too can B.S. you really good
let me tell you this just ask anyone from illinois just what has the Senator done since getting elected . I mean one thing he can stake claim on himself I can help you and a few of the people of illinois you may ask this question (1) it appears he got his wife a really well paying goverment job (2) he got involed with someone and now lives next door to that is under investigation for corruption . besides that ummmm can't think of a thing he has done except for alot of hot air ohhh he did write a book for personal profit instead of doing anything for the people who he represents ........and people wonder why I left the state.

To comment about Mr. Obama name, those who use it wants us to remember that Mr. Obama was born to a muslim household. Not all muslims are crazy killers.

Also if at this time you have never heard of Baracck Obama, then you are one of the millions who do not excercise the prilvedge of voting. So, whatever!

Tell me how much foreign policy experience did the other presidents have at that level before they became presidents? NONE!!!!

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