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Sweet: New poll puts Obama in solid Iowa lead for first time. Crucial momenteum before Thursday caucus.


This just in from Lynn Sweet in Des Moines and Abdon Pallasch following Barack Obama in Ames.....

DES MOINES, IA—A poll released Monday night put White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) solidly in the lead for the first time in Iowa, sending him into Thursday’s caucus with newfound momentum.

“It looks like it may be working,” Obama said at a New Year’s Eve rally at Iowa State University in Ames after he learned he led the Des Moines Register final Iowa Poll. LINK TO REGISTER STORY

“So we just might pull this this thing off, Iowa. Who would have thunk it.”

While the Democratic frontrunners—Obama, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) have been deadlocked for weeks with surveys showing the race in a statistical tie, the Register poll put Obama outside the margin of error.

The poll pegged Obama at 32 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers to 25 percent for Clinton and 24 percent for Edwards. Obama’s six point lead is the biggest the Register found in a year of polling and is the result of what the paper called a “dramatic influx” of first time caucus goers and political independents.

A key element of the Obama strategy was to get new voters engaged.

There were about a third who said they may change their mind still and six percent undecided. The poll is valuable to Obama at this stage because voters whose support is may be locked in if they want to go with a winner.


This is great news! However the other polls show a really tight race. So it is anybody's guess come what may on Thursday night.

At this crucial time we need someone who is innovative and creative more than ever.

All the candidates have run great campaigns. Hillary has been exceptionally adept. Granted Obama has made a couple of gaffes, likewise his opponents, but that in no way diminishes his unique abilities. However it is surprising that some believe that disqualifies him. If that is the case, then all the candidates would be disqualified. I suggest looking at the the whole picture rather than getting distracted by something exaggerated in the media.

Although Obama has plenty of experience it is his judgment that makes him stand out from the rest of the contenders. Instead of using military power Obama is more apt to utilize a host of tools available that actually solve problems rather than create more. What a welcomed change. If you look into Obama's record you will discover he is an intelligent man of substance. He is consistent and fair, uses reasoned logic and has sound judgment.

Furthermore not only does Obama appear to understand the complexity of issues that challenge the nation requires someone with communication, negotiation and diplomacy skills, he has those skills. Talk without action is lipservice. Organizing poor neighbourhoods, taking on genocide in Darfur, opposing military action in Iraq prove Obama is a man who acts on his convictions. Equally important given his sincere desire and yearning to lead the country in a different direction Obama can and will do so successfully given the opportunity.

Vote for the candidate you believe in not because she or he stumbled on the campaign trail.

Vote for the one who moves you.

As an agent of Change, Obama has already had a positive effect and change on our political landscape as evidenced by the "nicer tones" of the current campaign commercials and political discourse prevalent today, which heretofore has been down right dirty and ugly. This is due to Obama's position not too take the low road, walking the high road in spite of earlier low poll numbers --, continuing to stay positive and above the fray, focusing on the important issues facing us today, and speaking about his message of hope and change. -- And then they followed.

On the otherhand, it is the American Way to have a healthy debate about the differences of one another's policies, as modeled by the Lincoln-Douglas debates and it would be NEGLIGENT not Negative of the political campaigns to do otherwise. However, it is not ok to lie, defame and smear another's character -- to Swift Boat.

And, we all know that experience matters -- but what matters more is Judgment, Wisdom, Honesty and Integrity, the ability to lead in a positive way. We have to remember and weigh its serious implications, that in the most important policy decision and debauchale of our times, the Iraq War, which has helped to escalate the present situation, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards got it Wrong. Barack Obama got it Right. (See Obama's October 26, 2002 Iraq speech at at anti-war rally in Chicago.)

Obama a man of Judgment; a man of Positive Change.

Obama a man of Judgment and Change? What are you talking about Julie! He has really been a person of change for the State of Illinois! I thought about going to Police and filing a Missing Persons Report on Obama or better yet we should put his picture on a Milk Carton.

The only ideas Obama has is to Redistribute Income and create an even larger role the Government plays in your life.

It is time for people in this country to stop calling to Government to bail them out. Run your Credit Card limits to High then call on the Government.

Buy a Home you can not afford then blame the Government.

What Hope and Change has Obama expressed? You Obama supporters are all dreamers because when it comes down to it he has no chance of winning for the Democrats in Nov. You better hope Hillary wins because that is your only choice.

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