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Sweet: New Obama spot, "Hope."


DES MOINES, IA.--The latest Obama spot. The last shot comes from a rally in July.


If Obama is so great at bringing everyone together, I want him to go back to Washington D.C. and bring the Senate together to override Bush's veto of the expanded SCHIP bill. When he does that, he'll get my vote. Until then, he is just hot air and empty rhetoric.

dearest lynn, i read on sunday about Hillary Clinton; "While she lacked a security clearance, she said she often received "classified information." ISN'T THAT ILLEGAL???
could you please look into this? I've looked all over the web, and can't find answers.

Well if the party that he in should have though about this 20s year ago then he would not have to said what he say about take our country back, it still here we just need to think better of what we are doing.

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