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Sweet: New Obama ads


DES MOINES, IA.--The campaigns are hustling to finish producing new end of campaign spots to deliver to television stations before they close for the weekend. Campaigns will also have less potential to throw last minute spots into the rotation because of the New Years Day holiday.

Barack Obama released two new spots on Friday and more are on the way..... This is an Iowa ad.

click below for other spot...

This spot will run in New Hampshire.


As an agent of Change, Obama has aleady had a positive effect and change on the political landscape as evidenced by the "nicer tone" of the campaign commericals and political discourse prevelent today, which heretofore has been dirty and ugly. This is due to Obama's stance not too take the low road. To stay positive and above the frey, preferring to take the high road, to focuss on the issues and his message of change. -- And then they followed.

We all know that experience matters -- but what matters more is Judgment, Wisdom, Honesty and Integrity. We have to remember and weigh its seriousness, that in the most important policy decision of our times, the Iraq War, which has helped to escalate the present situation, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards got it Wrong. Barack Obama got it Right.

Obama a man of Judgment; a man of Positive Change.

gosh, i guess there are some folk out there drinkin' the kool-aid and passing the bong! the junior senator from illinois was the first out of the gate to go negative...attempting to cloak it in "pointing out differences."

D - Punjab was not an simple error. Yes, he was the first.

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