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Sweet: My Iowa photo gallery; Obama's lawyer years

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SPENCER, IA.--Morning reading and viewing

My Sun-Times colleague Abdon Pallasch has a piece about Obama's years in Chicago as a lawyer. LINK

Key finding: "A search of all the cases in Cook County Circuit Court in which Obama made an appearance since he graduated from Harvard in 1991 shows: Zero.

His practice was confined mainly to federal court in Chicago, where he made formal appearances in.... a total of 10 cases..

For a photo gallery of stills I shot while on this Obama road trip LINK

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I enjoyed the photos and the link to Pallasch's piece. Which somehow reminded me - remember the Obama-Coburn Transparency Act? There's a new website:, a relaunch of

Maybe you could remind people about it? That was my favorite piece of legislation he worked on.

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