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Sweet column: Clinton reaps $1 million Thursday at D.C. funder. Terry McAuliffe downplays Oprah impact for Obama.

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WASHINGTON—Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign booked the main hall of Union Station here for a fund-raiser that yielded some $1 million dollars attended by 1,200 people, not counting Frosty, the Snowman and Rudolph, the reindeer.

Frosty and Rudolph were on duty for photos and meet and greets because the funder had a holiday theme and the event was sold as an evening out with the family—for an all-inclusive $1,000 donation. The tiered price structure went from $250 to $2,300, the maximum federal contribution.

Clinton came on at 9 p.m.—some 90 minutes late-- and spoke for some 20 minutes, her stock stump speech minus any shots at Democratic rival Barack Obama.

I asked Clinton campaign chief Terry McAuliffe about what impact Oprah Winfrey will have; she’s on a three-state, four city campaign swing with Obama on Saturday and Sunday. McAuliffe and other Clintonites I've talked to have been downplaying having Winfrey stump for Obama.

“I think she’ll excite a lot of folks,” McAuliffe said. “At the end of the day, they are going to vote for the candidate who they think can bring about change in the country.

“That’s Hillary Clinton. So listen. Everybody’s going to have surrogates out there for them. I think it’s great that she (Winfrey) can get people excited. .

“…I’m glad that Oprah’s out there. I think she will excite people and bring them into the process.”

Asked he expected Winfrey to “go negative,” he said “No.

“She’ll probably be one of the only ones who has not gone negative on Hillary.”

1 Comment

frosty the snowman? well, i thought he was doing a tree state tour with oprah. oh, you must mean the other snowman, yes?

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