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Sweet: Clinton, Obama surrogates fan out over Iowa. Bill Clinton/Michelle Obama. UPDATE with photos.


MASON CITY, IA.---A candidate can't be everywhere; surrogates fill the gaps. Michelle Obama is starting a seven-day Iowa swing on Wednesday and Barack Obama's two half sisters will also be traveling for him in the state.
Obama launches a "Stand for Change" swing in Mason City this morning.

Clinton starts a "Solutions: Time To Pick A President” tour today with former President Clinton and former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie.

december26 002 Obama has a time-effecient system to autograph his books people bring to events. Here, a staffer at an Obama rally Wednesday morning at Newman Catholic High School asks a woman to leave her book with her and fill out a slip with id information. Obama later, in a holding area,will speed sign books lined up at a table. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

december26 003 (photo by Lynn Sweet)

Those yellow slips of paper are being handed out to people at the Obama rally as they come in; the point now is to make sure people know where to go on caucus night. The "Ticket to Change" includes a phone number to call to find a caucus location. High school students are being heavily recruited to vote. They can if they will be 18 by November, 2008.

At this event, for example, the high school students at Newman Catholic are being asked to gather together so they can get a group picture taken with Obama. It's a stroking technique designed to provide incentives to the students--engaged enough to show up at this rally-to attend the caucus on Jan. 3


As I read your column today in the Sun Times pertaining to Barack Obama's visit to a grocery store in Webster City, Iowa I was taken aback by the comment he made. Mr. Obama said, "it actually feels pretty good" in reference to shopping at the grocery store.
If Mr. Obama made regular weekly visits to any grocery store, it does not "feel pretty good." With grocery costs going up significantly just in the past 4 to 6 months, I cringe every week when I approach the checkout counter and hope that the total is not much more than the week before. Being the candidate that I am leaning to voting for in the Presidential election next year, if he is nominated, I hope Mr. Obama will realize the hardship high grocery prices are causing the average consumer. It seems, the current administration, is unaware.

Jim Klipper
2448 Clough Ave.
Highland, IN
(219) 678-0267

Obama seems like a fine man, but he is not the right person for president now. He has no concept of how important it is that our nation retain it's sovereignty, nor how wrong it is to reward illegal immigrants with "a pathway to citizenship." The illegals have used false ID's, not filed tax returns, etc, which are all offenses Americans are jailed for. This double standard and disrespect for law cannot be perpetuated by any presidential candidate.

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