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Sweet blog: Rudy Giuliani in Chicago: Free the markets!

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This report by Abdon M. Pallasch, Sun-Times political writer...

CHICAGO--Republican presidential front-runner Rudy Giuliani preached free-market economics to the annual meeting of the Illinois Manufacturers Association in Chicago Friday: Lower taxes; elimination of the inheritance or “death tax”; lowering of the capital gains tax; and restircting lawsuits and large verdicts against businesses are all part of Giuliani’s plan to keep America’s economy strong.

A key reason to “engage’ other countries such as Chine despite their human rights abuses is that by trying to bring American values to those countries, they also become new markets for American products, he said. “You know what the essential nature of the American people is?” Giuliani said.

“You know because your association stands for it. The essential nature of the American people is: We want to sell you something.” Giuliani is also scheduled to make an appearance at the Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago’s Little italy neighborhood Friday evening.

1 Comment

His campaign is going really bad…he should be ahead of them all right now.

I am confused……maybe he is trying not to peak to early.

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