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Sweet blog: Clinton apologizes to Obama re drug comments from Bill Shaheen; he steps down as co-chair.

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JOHNSTON, IA.--Hillary Rodjam Clinton's co-chair Bill Shaheen stepped down Thursday after he made comments about Barack Obama's youthful drug use. Obama received a personal apology from Clinton on the tarmac at Reagan National Airport where their charter planes were waiting side-by-side to take them to the Democratic debate here, the last before the Jan. 3 caucus.

Obama campaign top strategist David Axelrod said the apoloigy was a "nice gesture" as far as it went" and suggested the Clinton campaign needed to send a "strong signal" about negative campaigning.

Jay Carson, a Clinton spokesman said she told Obama, "I think you want to hear this from me," as she told him she did not condone bringing up Obama's drug use he wrote about in his memoir and has discussed--though rarely--on the campaign trail.

As Axelrod was speaking, the Clinton campaign was preparing to send out news of Shaheens resignation.

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Shaheen announces decision to step down as Clinton campaign Co-Chair

“I would like to reiterate that I deeply regret my comments yesterday and say again that they were in no way authorized by Senator Clinton or the Clinton campaign. Senator Clinton has been running a positive campaign focused on the issues that matter to America’s families. She is the best qualified to be the next President of the United States because she can lead starting on day one. I made a mistake and in light of what happened, I have made the personal decision that I will step down as the Co-Chair of the Hillary for President campaign. This election is too important and we must all get back to electing the best qualified candidate who has the record of making change happen in this country. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.”


1 Comment

I think that what he did was good. Apologizing is a good thing, but knowing that you have done wrong and realizing that, means even more.

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