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Sweet's Nov. 6 Obama clips and Obamaville. Obama heads to Iowa for 5-day swing.

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WASHINGTON—White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama heads to Iowa later Tuesday for the start of a five-day swing.

For a look at Obama’s TV appearences on SNL, Ellen, etc, check out a report by ABC News Obamanarian David Wright LINK

Obama hit the Caribbean on Monday for fund-raisers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. AP reports LINK

Interesting read over at The Weekly Standard “The Real Obama Missing in Action” LINK

At the Boston Globe, a story on if John Edwards going after Hillary Rodham Clinton helps Obama. LINK

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i gotta laugh at this one:-)!!
why not adjust the vegas ad to, "what happens in iowa stays there"...cause obama sure ain't doin' nothing for illinois!!!

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