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Sweet special: Steisand's letter for Clinton.

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HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.--"I'm ready for change," writes megastar Barbra Steisand in an e-mail she sent Wednesday for her candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

from Clinton.....

Dear lynn,

I want to beat the Republicans in 2008. I'm like you -- I'm ready for change. In all the time I have worked to help elect Democrats, I have never wanted to win an election as badly as this one. I want a president who is principled, strong, and ready to lead from day one. That's why I'm joining Hillary's campaign -- because I think she has what it takes to beat the Republicans and to be a great president.

Although I'm proud to help her make history, I'm not supporting Hillary only because she's a woman. I'm supporting her because she's the most experienced candidate and will give us the leadership we need to move our country forward again.

I know you feel as strongly as I do about winning in 2008 because you've been with Hillary every step of the way. She is relying on you to help her win. I want to join her in thanking you for everything you are doing to help Hillary make history. I am so proud to do everything I can to help her too.

Barbra Streisand

1 Comment

And we care about what Barbara Streisand thinks for what possible reason again?

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