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Sweet special: CODE RED Clinton Iowa Obama throwdown: Challenges Obama on health care


Health care showdown...

Hillary Clinton right now in Iowa: "Sen. Obama's plan does not and cannot cover all Americans."

Speech covers some of the same ground in my story in Wednesday paper LINK...Obama campaign preparing strong response....



Hillary loses this issue. Mandates are out. I do not want anything mandated. I want to choose the healthcare plan I need and can afford. Obama is right. This is an affordable issue.

Besides how is Hillary going to enforce mandates? She is not saying. Seems to me a person could find their wages garnisheed for healthcare and the monies would go to the insurance company for profits.

Hillary's plan with mandates is nothing but guaranteed profits for the health insurance industry which is consistent with Hillary being the recepient of the most healthcare lobbyist dollars in the Congress.


I do like that Obama's plan does mandate coverage for children. It is essential that we as a society ensure that the defenseless are protected and defended.

Barack Hussien Obama is a big Risk a Risk we can not afford to take. His inexperience and his muslim background concerns the American People. True? Not True? but can we afford to risk it??
I do not think so.

It is a loose loose case for Clinton when it comes to health care. She can not enforce a mandate on the struggling middle class in her plan. The issue is the middle class people want insurance which they can effort, not imposed on them by such mandate on Clinton's plan.

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