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The scoop from Washington

Sweet scoop: Oprah to stump for Obama.


MANCHESTER, N.H.—Oprah Winfrey is poised to campaign for White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Obama made the disclosure while working a crowd at Central High School here, after delivering an education policy speech. A man, Ralph Hoagland, asked Obama—who was mingling and shaking hands-- if Oprah was going to stump for Obama in New Hampshire.

“First she’s coming to Iowa,” Obama told Hoagland, who in 1963 was a co-founder of what is now the giant CVS pharmacy chain. “But we’ll talk about it. We’ll get her up here.”

A woman piped up. “We need her here.”

“Is she thinking of not coming up to New Hampshire?” Hoagland asked?

Obama replied, “No, no no. We’re just doing it one state at a time.”

During these mix and mingle events, it is common for reporters and photographers to follow Obama around as he works the room or a rope line and listen in as he chats.

I caught up with Hoagland after his Obama encounter. He is a member of Obama’s Northeast Steering Group, which is heavily involved in fund-raising. He hopes to bundle together $100,000 for Obama, with some of his efforts targeted to a small dinner with Obama on Dec. 2 in New York.

Oprah Winfrey can help, Hoagland said, “because I think that Oprah can say to women ‘you do not have to vote for the first woman president. Vote for what you need.”

The Obama campaign has long hoped Winfrey, who hosted a massive fund-raiser for Obama would be willing to go on the stump for him. Winfrey opened her Montecito, Calif. estate to Obama on Sept. 8 for a star-studded fund-raiser that took in about $3 million for Obama.


lol...will stedman and gail come along as well? paleeze. if michael jordan couldn't deliver for bill bradley, why and how can ms. winfrey deliver for the junior senator from illinois? why play the electorate so cheap?
perhaps her time would best be spent cleaning up her south african school for girls, yes?

YEAHHHHH!!! We here in Iowa have been waiting to hear from Oprah! I for one, having been a former supporter of the first smart savvy viable woman candidate, have decided to do what IS BEST for women, and humanity, not what looks best. Barack Obama is what's best for America now, plain and simple! After comparing voting records, ETHICS, and policies, there is no doubt in my mind!!! C'mon down Oprah!

Oprah stumping for Obama? What's the big deal? The queen of commercialism shills whatever products that enrich her and her sponsors, and she doesn't do anything that won't help her amass more wealth. Consider her own self-absorbed remarks and hubris: "The Oprah effect?" She merely mentions a company's product on her show and the results are millions of dollars in new business. This woman is like Lucifer, for goodness sake. The allure of money but for the simple act of her utterance and recognition? My goodness, but this seems very unctuous and wrong. The idea that she's accumulated such commercial Goddess status should be a wake-up call to all people: what hath all these commercial affects done to improve the world? Considering that billions of earthlings live on less than a 1 dollar a day, how many of them can afford any of her shilled products let alone the stupid television & electricity to power it? Say NO the Oprahization of America...and don't buy any politico she's pimping. Undoubtedly there's some co-marketing idea in the future: Oprahbama Productions perhaps?

I wonder what dirt the Clinton's have on Oprah. If she goes on the campaign trail for Obama she better be prepared, because the Clintons will not stand for anyone who will hurt Hillary's chances.

I wonder what dirt the Clinton's have on Oprah. If she goes on the campaign trail for Obama she better be prepared, because the Clintons will not stand for anyone who will hurt Hillary's chances.

When I start listening to show biz people for information on candidates I will be in a grave. Wealthy elitists are not really the best source for honest information.

I am not a Democrat; however I find it very refreshing that Oprah is not a big supporter of Hilary. Just because you are a woman it doesn't mean you have to vote for a candidate just because she is a woman. I think Obama will surprise many in the next few months and will take the nomination from Hilary.

Thanks for the story Ms. Sweet. Great reporting.

Obama '08

Hillary is in trouble now. lol

Pity Oprah isn't running. Wish she would come back to Tn and run here for Governor.

OBAMA '08...YESS!!!!


It's too bad she's chosen to support the candidate with the least experience instead of the one with the most -- Joe Biden.

He's sure to win now, not.

This may be a bigger scoop than you realize, IF it is true. I read earlier when Oprah first came out for Obama, that she could endorse him, but if she campaigns for him, she is required to quit her tv show. I may remember incorrectly, but to be safe, you'd be wise to check the facts of your "scoop".

This would be such a plus for Obama....many women of all nationalities listen to her or read her publication.

The country needs innovation, fresh ideas, a new perspective. That's what Barack is offering, and if elected, I hope against hope that he is a man of his word.

Let us not overlook that Obama can be a very viable independent candidate, like Joe Lieberman. He could deliver a very strong performance against Hillary in the actual election. An independent Obama is a ticket that Hillary's operatives [and secret police] may not be able to overcome.

Hillary is so polarizing that even Republicans would cross over and vote Obama.

It's time for us to TAKE BACK AMERICA" from the clintons! It amazes me that we are still discussing issues/problems in this election cycle that the clinton's promised they'd deliver if we gave them the first 8 yrs. What did they do? Waste 8 years??
Bill clinton credits hillary with absolutely NOTHING in his biography. I equate her 35 yrs of "serving" to volunteer work. She has no record of anything of accomplishment, credit, or achievement to show that would qualify her for president. What has she actually ever done "for the children". Name one and I might consider listening to her!
The clinton's were soft on national security, ignoring several terrorist attacks during their 8 yrs. They emboldened terrorists with their 'do nothing' policy. No more! TAKE BACK AMERICA FROM THE CLINTONS! They don't own and are not entitled to the presidency. Snap out of it America!

This is the most non-news worthy story I have seen from you in weeks...What would you expect from Oprah talking about Obama? The two of them have so much in common...all those OOOOOooooo.... Can you hear the two of them get it on!!!!! Oh I can:O

If Oprah does stump for Obama, this will definitely crimp the junior senator from NY. Considering she plays for keeps, this would mean that the gloves come off. The Democratic nomination process could definitely get very dirty very fast.

Oprah was just in Macon, GA filming her favorite things show. If she filmed that in Iowa or NH, I bet Obama would cinch their primaries.

I like CVS in Kansas City, but will go to Walgreens or drive to Walmart for better prices or Costco. Don't need CVS or O'


We should have a law passed that forbids and Clinton or Bush from holding public office again. These kinds of "dynasties" are downright abhorrent to the spirit of a constitutional republic. This country needs to do better.

This is AWESOME news. I'm not one to watch talk shows, but I respect Oprah for countless of reasons. Now THAT is a woman who has EARNED where she is today. She did it all on her own.

If women were to listen to any female TV personality, it would definitely be Oprah. Oprah has used her money and fame to help people around the world. This is a good fit. Women need to understand that voting for someone based on gender is not good enough. There is too much at stake.

I'm a woman voting for Obama.

Strenth, Experience, Change
Obama '08

WOW... this is great.

Hillary had Bill... and I think it is GREAT that Obama had Oprah.... I truly like Obama and I am a Republician.

Rudy is my first choices and he is my second.

But I would VOTE for him is Oprah was on the Ticket as VP

Hmmm... With Obama's admitted drug use, maybe she should be called Doprah on the campaign trail. Someone has to fund his coke habit.

my comment was mis-attributed above; I'm sure jeffrey monary will be upset also, as he has my comment attributed to him....and FYI, Republicans and Independents like myself already ARE 'crossing over' to support Senator Obama!!!


My dream of all dreams would be:



Oprah taking big risk of diminishing her brand. Interesting she's okay with Barack, in his books, using pseudonyms, describing "composites" as though they were events as they actually happened, etc.--i.e., very similar to the stuff she lambasted James Frey ("A Thousand Little Pieces" for. Speaking of ETHICS as one reader did, is Tony Rezko going to be stomping for Barack???
Go Hillary '08--The real "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

It tells you alot about the mindset of today's politicians when the come-on is "vote for what you NEED". That tells me that they are prepping the masses to look to government to provide. How sad. What is wrong with expecting people to carry their own weigh rather than counting on all the rich folks having enough to spread around? (And I am by no means rich) I just hope there are enough solid, honest-to-goodness Americans left who will take a stand to eliminate all the earmarks and pork spending (read- excessive entitlements) before we collapse internally.

Wow, it goes to show she will do anything for someone with the same pigment of skin. If O was a white woman doing what O is doing they would call her a racest.. Someone tell me one time Oprah has campaigned like this for any white candidate? Please prove me wrong please.

What sickens me about Hillary is her dirty tricks, she is nothing short of a witch, not likable, phoney.. and too much negative baggage, including Bill, she is not electable.

New ideas for America? From Obama or any other current candidate? It's all the same rhetoric! Ron Paul's suggesting to eliminate the income tax, disband the IRS, eliminate the central bank (the Fed) and withdraw the troops are the only original ideas among all these bleating windbags.

I am so very tired of people putting so much stock in TV or movie personalities. They are coming from a whole different reality...or lack thereof, than the mainstream America. They can claim they understand, but truly, unless you walk a mile in someone's shoes you cannot understand their needs, wants etc. I also cannot forget the Oprah chose to build her school and invest her money not in America but in Africa. She claimed that students here (in the USA) were not motivated and more interested in video games...there are plenty of highly motivated, working class poor children...I know, I teach them each day.

Oprah is a megalomaniac, and an idiot. Obama is nothing more than a stuffed suit. Its amazing to hear liberals who chided GW Bush for lack of experience to cheer and hoot for someone who has done......uh...nothing!

Why isn't the value of Oprah's time considered a gift to Obama? Aren't campaign laws being violated? Surely her time is worth $100,000 per hour - my donation is limited to $2,300.

McCain-Fiengold endows celebrities with much more power than the rest of us.

Oprah is way overrated. I know other's in media are all amazed with the woman, but America largely is not. She bombed on primetime television twice in a week this year. Look it up.

OBAMA '08!!!!

I am amazed that hillary would ask women to vote for her because she's a woman. Can you imagine the peasant uprising if Obama asked black people to vote for him just because he's black?
What's the difference? Hillary needs to knock it off, big time!
And, furthermore, if bill clinton is the first 'black president' does that make hillary the first transvestite president if she wins? No wonder Oprah is campaigning for Obama who isn't running around claiming to be the first 'white president'.....the clintons have a few sqrews loose. If we elect her we will be the enablers she has been to her husband for far too long.

Democrats and Republicans, you have to wonder which group is dumber.

The vast majority of Democrats actually think Obama or Clinton have a chance to win. That's just plain funny.

Atleast the idiot Ron Paul supporters on the Republican side are just a bigoted fringe minority.

Really what percentage of Oprah's audience is registered to vote? I would venture less than half can even name their congress(person)

The notion that Oprah somehow represents the basest of American culture--or, worse yet, is "like Lucifer"--mystifies me. At least the woman champions books. (Laugh if you must; it's better than the rest of the Beelzebubs doing business out there.) And the idea that I shouldn't support Barack because Oprah supports him (or that any single endorsement ought to determine my vote) is misguided. Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has thrown his weight behind Hillary. Should I make sure not to vote for her because Flynt champions--not books!--but rather videos with titles like "Big Phat Black Ghetto Azz: All Greased Up"?

Her virtues and vices aside, Oprah *will* make a difference in Iowa. Obama leads among men, Clinton among women. Oprah doesn't need to convince many of the latter in order for Obama to achieve a stable lead in the polls. This is great news for Barack.

Finally, I'm not sure the Jordan/Bradley analogy works for Winfrey/Obama. If I recall correctly, Bradley turned in some terrible performances against Al Gore in pre-caucus debates.

Hillary is a political HACK. It's all about POWER to her. She will do any thing, and say any thing to get elected. She's a fraud, a mind Nazi. She will ruin our country, if you elect her. At least Obama is truthful, refreshing, a truth sayer. If we dems nominate her, it will be their enduring SHAME. She is unelectable, uncouth, without any manners. No one in the world will take her seriously. The world will hate us worse than they hate the republicans. She is the wife of a famous president, and nothing more. Remember that IOWA, and New Hampshire. She is double-tongued she-devil, and she is ruining the democrat party.

Who would dare to suggest that Oprah spend her time cleaning up her school in Africa??
What about hillary clinton "cleaning up" after bill clinton and his sordid sex addiction. He disgraced the White House and he shamed and humiliated his wife. Oprah didn't do anything to cause the problem at her school. Bill Clinton did it in front of God and everybody, then lied, then continued over and over again. Oh please, let's send them back to the White House. If we do, we are the idiots the clintons think we are.

This should be interesting someone campaigning who hasn't voted in a presidential race since 1988. Read here :

People will buy into anything what a shame why can't people just think for themselves.

Oprah? Isn't she the TV lady who recommended the book that turned out to be lies? The Lady who recommended the Hollywood Plastic surgeon that maims and kills his patients?
The one who set up the school in Africa where young women are molested?
And now she wants to recommend B. Hussein Obama to me for president???

While Hillary is uniting the Republican Party against her, Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire are changing parties to support Senator Obama because he has a proven track record of working across the aisle to solve difficult problems. This is the kind of consensus building leadership we need to unify our country, change the status quo, restore trust in our government and make real change happen. Oprah will be a big help.

Go Oprah! Empower Obama with your support as the next US president! Obama for President!!!

They always say behind every great fortune is an even greater scandal. Oprah...what's yours?

I'm a republican but I vote for Obama

My wife watches Oprah everyday and I have started to watch her also. At first I was sceptical because of all her Billions of dollars. I have concluded after watching many shows, she must have a very warm heart for all that she does for others. With her money she could slip into a quiet life just doing what she wants, when she wants and for who she wants. Her starting a girls school in Africa will probably do more to stem terrorist than anything our goverment has done. Would never vote for a crooked Clinton, might vote for Abama, not sure yet, the jury is still out and it is a very long time till election day. Do know this, our country is in big trouble, me, me, me attitude has got to change or we will end up just like the Romans did. History does repeat itself. God Bless America, we need all his grace to survive.

Why the people of this country even listen to celebrities, I'll never know. Oprah should stick to doing what she does best and stay out of politics.
Personally, I rather like Obama, even though I probably don't agree with him on more than two issues in a thousand. Yet the guy has only been a senator since January 2005. Given that, how in the world is anyone taking him seriously?

The Winning Formula =

0 + 0 =W

Oprah + Obama = Win in Iowa and New Hampshire!

"Pity Oprah isn't running"

Huh? Are you serious? Andrea, you, my dear, are an idiot.

Is this a good idea? I mean, aren't both Hillary and Obama actually socialists? Heck, due to the money and influence of, it seems that only socialists are gaining prominence in the way out of touch Democratic party.

Hasn't the Democratic party become "The Party of Everyone But Mainstream America?"

Fred '08!

The Winning Formula =

0 + 0 =W

Oprah + Obama = Win in Iowa and New Hampshire!

I'm so glad Oprah isn't knee jerk supporting the woman in the race. Instead, she supporting the black! That's so much cooler, isn't it? And then, if she can get Barack the nomination, it becomes so much more likely that Romney/Guiliani will win the presidency!

I'm a white male, hard to hide it, because looking me it's very obviastic(a made up word]. If a person willing to show backbone, try your best to come and give them some support even it means to lose your job. Obama is giving up alot, show your love, wake up.As a white male, don't let him waste his time, this is very important, need I say anymore.


Oprah will have little or no effect on the outcome of this election. She appeals mainly to losers who bask in her celebrity status; hell, she does't even have a GED.

what a joke. Vote for someone who can't remember what to do during the national anthem? get real.

HOORAY!!! Oprah vs Hillary.....I can't wait to see that on the BIG screen!!!

Rev up the Clinton war room. Watch the tabloids on new revelations about the O. If you thought it got ugly between the Donald and Rosie, just wait. Mrs Machiavelli is probably having a hissy fit.

"Hillary is so polarizing that even Republicans would cross over and vote Obama. "

Yes, that's what I'm doing. Good observation. :)
Usually Republican here, tired of the Bush/Clinton control.

End it now. I'm in Iowa too, lets go OBAMA!!!

It doesn't matter which Democrat wins the primary. They are all Communists. They freely admit their main goal is the redistribution of wealth. They say they tax the rich but the problem is the rich are any people who work for a living. They are all more afraid of tax cuts than terrorists and want to trade our tax dollars for votes from professional welfare recipients and illegal aliens. Hillary is even on the payroll of Red China. Where do you think all those chinese dishwashers got the 2 grand each to donate to her campaign? I'll bet none of them used their money to buy health care insurance. The next Democrat tax hike should be met with gunfire. They will never stop until they control every business and all the money. They always complain about rich Republicans but 9 of the 11 richest Senators are Democrats. Most of them inherited or married into money and the rest like Hillary used connections to make bogus investments that were really payoffs or get liberal publishers to pay millions for books that never sell. No matter what Oprah says, it takes two parents to raise a child, not a Village and this will always be One Nation Under God regardless of all the Democrat/Communist funded ACLU lawsuits. There is NO difference between Obama and Hillary. They will both raise taxes until everyone is equally poor and they will continue to dumb down education with political correctness until all our children are equally stupid.

Yep, Oprah's got all the votes bought. She's been buying for the past 10 years, so all she's got to do is say who they go to!
She's a very smart girl! ;)
Obama is a very lucky boy!
And Hillary can't touch Oprah. I'd say she would get badly burned if she even thought about it. NObody can touch Oprah, NOOOOOOOO body, Baby!!!!!

How much experience did George Washington, Lincoln or Eisenhower have to become President?

Oh my! Oprah has just painted a large target on her backside for Clinton, Inc. You know that Clinton, Inc. will pull out the copies they made of Oprah's FBI file and do a slow, tortured disclosure of all the bad things about Oprah. By the time Clinton, Inc. gets finished with Oprah, she will have to write a book for some other talk show host to give her a helping hand, because all of Oprah's fans will not like what they read in Clinton Inc.'s drive-by media friends papers as well as CNN.

Personally, I hope Oprah survives, but alas, I think she may wind up totally ruined. If not, be careful, cause Clinton, Inc. can always pull a Vince Foster move.

I respect Oprah's success. Thousands try what she has tried, and fail. She makes what she does look easy, and it isn't. She is a phenomenal success, and a generous person, with a good heart. However, I always sigh in disappointment when someone with universal appeal goes political. From that point on, I feel like anything I do to support the celebrity is now fueling a political campaign for some person or some issue. I wouldn't like it no matter who she supported, but supporting a smug, inexperienced Marxist like O'bama doesn't speak well for Oprah's intellectual depth. She has great business instincts, but she should stay out of affairs of state, and stick to her core competency - making American housewives believe they are actually thinking about something important, when they are usually just exhorted to think about themselves.

So Big Mama joins Obama on the stump. Ooh ah, hold me back. Obama is a JOKE with very little experience. After two weeks he still couldn’t get the illegal drivers license question in one take. He’s wrong on so many issues it hurts. Shrillery is just plain dirty to the core. She and Bill should be deported to Iran or Venezuela. Who knows, maybe The big O is trying to buy the V.P. spot. Wouldn’t that be a hoot and a nanny? Obama, as well as the rest of the libel party candidates, would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the war on terror. A vote for any of the dems is a vote for neutering the U.S.

I respect Oprah's success. Thousands try what she has tried, and fail. She makes what she does look easy, and it isn't. She is a phenomenal success, and a generous person, with a good heart. However, I always sigh in disappointment when someone with universal appeal goes political. From that point on, I feel like anything I do to support the celebrity is now fueling a political campaign for some person or some issue. I wouldn't like it no matter who she supported, but supporting a smug, inexperienced Marxist like O'bama doesn't speak well for Oprah's intellectual depth. She has great instincts, but she should stay out of world affairs, and stick to her core competency - making American housewives believe they are actually thinking about something important, when they are usually just encouraged to think about themselves.

I don't think it's a good idea for O to get too involved in politics. O's audience is probably made up of people from all political parties. Politicians have found out that if you divide people and keep them polarized you can get more the meantime ... people who don't know anything about politics like musicians and actors are out there getting all excited about issues they don't really know any better than the guy down the street and dividing there audience and America and making things worse, falling right into the hands of there political party who let them down anyway...both Repulican and Democrats.... O can do what she wants, but I think it would be better for her and her audience if she just keeps being a great business women and keeps doing what she feels in her heart is the right thing reagardless of politics.....don't be fooled by politicians, they wold love to use you.

This stuff will get my Republican candidate to win. Go Oprah go!!!

How can you people possibly want someone with so little experience in big time politics and so little experience in business when the economy is heading towards trouble? We need Romney with his business leadership. A lot of you will scream racsist at this remark but, how in the world could you even consider a candidate whose family is muslim and he himself was raised, partially, as a muslim??? Seriously, open your eyes to the fact that almost every conflict in the world is because muslims somewhere can not get along with their neighbors. You can not trust them. Go watch the DVD "Obsession"

If Oprah herself were running for president, THAT would be a story! But stumping for Obama? Yawn.

Im with ALbert STerlini! Oprah needs to stick with the silly TV show she has. She is not the all knowing that her fans think she is. Come-on people, its time to think for yourselves! Quit letting TV and media decide how you will vote. Think on your own for a change. It may suprise you.

This really is a big boost to the Obama campaign if this story pans out.

I am voting for Obama

It is SO FUN to read all the comments from you folks! Here's mine:

1) anybody who watches the Oprah Winfrey show needs to get a real life
2) anybody who believes what she says needs to get a real brain
3) anybody who thinks she is, somehow, a messiah for the (fill in the blank - poor, black, woman, downtrodden, martian, carrion-eater, etc. etc.) forgets that she is a ENTERTAINER. She is good at ENTERTAINING. This does not involve much, other than being good at MAKING YOU FEEL GOOD (i.e., fooling you).

This is exactly the reason we should only let people who own property vote.

Some good comments going on here. john brennan's comment had me thinking - as a conservative - who would I vote for in the Democrat primaries, and I think John Edwards would be preferable to Hillary. Lets face it, enough of the Clintons. As Monica might put it - they leave a sour taste in my mouth.

who cares,no democrat can win,the people of this country are smarter than that!Oprah is a big fat nothing,!

Here's who I would like to see stump with some of the contenders.
Rudy G. & Tony Soprano....Mitt R. & Marie Osmond....Hillary Rodham C & Charo....Dennis K & Flash Gordon....Just to name a few.

This is for all of you who will vote for mrs. clinton hoping that you will get 'two for the price of one." Mr. clinton has a bad heart condition and for all we know, he may never survive long enough to see her elected, much less be second prize in this game. Imagine hillary running everything all by herself. ALL BY HERSELF? This is not pretend, people..this is reality. THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR HER!

i am quite sure that if Obama wins the nomination that the republicans would win, of course, especially if Ron Paul is the republican nominee. what an interesting debate that would be. they both voted against the war in Iraq but beyond that I don't know what else they have in common. But a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the CONSTITUTION!!! So vote for RON PAUL!!!
What's going on, doesn't Oprah like the Constitution???? I enjoy her show, but what's she thinking? She tells women not to vote for Hillary just because she's a woman, but it seems to me she's stumping for Obama just because he's black!!!
Isn't it obvious??????
thanks for reading....

I agree with Albert. No more clintonistas or bushies. enough is enough!!! I mean how ridiculous can you get?!?!?!? And why in the world does Hillary think she can be coronated just because! what did she ever do but put up with Bill.
OK nuff said

I'm tired of these democrats thinking they know what's best for everyone!

NEVER underestimate the power of
the church of Oprah ... her
worshippers will be glued to her
every word, and those of every
one of her pals she'll get onboard
the O Express.

I sure hope Obama has as much credentials as that plastic surgeon or that Million Little Pieces author.

WHat a joke.

You may as well ask 'who is Carrot Top endorsing?'

It has always seemed to me that Oprah sincerely cares about people and wants what is best for the world. For her to be willing to campaign for Obama should make people pay close attention to him. I do not think anyone will support Obama just because Oprah does, but I think she has deserved credibilty. She knows Obama personally and her recommendation means a lot. It is like hiring someone with a character reference from one of your trusted friends.

Unfortunately, the supposed "intelligent" Republicans in this country are the reason we have had to endure the most pathetically incompetent administration in our nation's history. A Democratic win would be good for this country - but what Ms. Winfrey has to say about POLITICS is utterly irrelevant. At least Streisand had a LONG history of involvement in politics and with Democratic politicians dating back to Kennedy. OPrah thinks that just because she is rich that she will be able to say people toward Obama. She may succeed a bit, but not enough to make a difference and in the end, she will only wind up HURTING the Democratic party. Guliani is th eonly viable Republican nominee and perhaps Ron Paul - but that's it. Obama just isn't ready.

Are you sure that Oprah doesn't have a H.S. Diploma or G.E.D?

from this Republican;
I love Oprah. She's caring, loving, warm and generous. BUT she should be very careful with this situation. Obama has secrets even she doesn't know. He's a dangerous man for America, with a strong following from far, far left cooks. Oprah, don't be mistaken by the gift of gab. He is not the man for the Presidency. Tip Toe around this one O.

Poor Hillary. She never expected it to be this tough. Obama was a virtual unknown when she & Bill illegally rummaged through 900 FBI files to get dirt on people who might get in their way in the future, so they never got the dirt on him. Now she's got a problem, and his name is Obama and I'm sure she's hired the sleaziest guy out there to dig up anything he can on Obama. Poor guy, he won't know what hit him.

I have a feeling the Democrats (especially those for Obama) are going to start acknowledging what the GOP said for the entire Clinton regime -- that those two are the biggest sleazebag scam artists to ever set foot in politics. Remember, we told you so.

I like Obama but I wish Oprah would run for president. She has far more intelligence, charisma, and integrity than any president in my life time. I just read in Business Week that she's given over $300 million of her own money to charity, making her the most philanthropic black of all time. Amazing for a woman from such poverty.

You folks who are for Obama do not know what we who have had Obama as a state senator know about the man.

1) He is involved with special political deals to fund his house and other assets.
2) If Hillary has the goods on him she knows that Obama has a reputation (while in the state capitol) of being a heavy smoker and a cokehead. If she gets desperate enough the latter will come out. Obama has quite the reputation for using cocain while a state legislator.

We need a third party! Both parties are leading us down the wrong path! It is all show and glitz! Wake up people! Don't be a sucker listening to Hollywood types. They don't have your interest in mind, they only have they own elite views. Do you think Ophra would ever stop and talk and listen to the middle class people? Yea right! Oprha fans are just like what Stalin said about his people, they are just useful idiots!

Obama! Where, when, and how will YOU stop the 2000 year-old declared jihad of the radical Muslims? NY, London, DC, Shenkesville, PA? Again?

I'm an Independent who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately both parties have turned me off big time.

Obama does strike me as a Honest person who genuinely likes people, and seems to be above the petty and tiresome politics of the Clinton's.

If I had to choose today I would vote for Obama over Hillary for two main reasons. The first is that today at least one half the country is dead set against Hillary and we need harmony in America now like never before! The second is that Obama isn't obligated to the Chinese and Corporate money like Hillary is.

Of course he doesn't have much experience in Governing but neither does Hillary. At the very least he's a fresh face without all the debris of the Clinton's.

If your so mindless to listen to ABC NBC and CBS I guess you will listen on who to vote for from Oprah . We are going down in flames quicker than I thought . You guys remember that little book she so defended . Personally I think if your a Democrat your going to vote for whoever the best looking person is anyway . Vote Republican for goodness sake . Bush is a Nazi ? Why are you people so distorted ? I see the bumper stickers , W rong again . The only people wrong again were all the Dems who voted for Kerry . And this just in ! ! !

Gore lost . Sorry to bust your balloon but I am from Tennessee and I actually READ and have some Geo-political sense and there isn't one Democrat worth voting for . GIVE ME A BREAK ! OPRAH ?

It would be funny if it were not so sad . I tell you what if Biden can get Courtney Love and lets see Martin Sheen and Tom Cruise he is a LOCK !

good grief , LEMMINGS

My opinion? Oprah may be on drugs.

I'm not a fan, but, I do remember seeing her a few times years ago. Recently, I caught her show and it gave me the chills. Her eyes are all glazed over, she kinda talks like she is drunk.

I think there could be a great cover-up going on here.

Who knows, but something stinks in Oprah land?

And, yes Oprah's gleefully talking about "my guy" should be seen as an in-kind contribution.

Other than the fact that Oprah has a popular TV show, she is not real authority on anything. Also, as for experience, Obama has far less than Hillary, so why would I even remotely be expected to listen to Oprah or Obama. Almost all our Democrat candidates are proposing things that will require taxes to be raised to high levels. Sure, raise taxes on the rich. But, you forget that while you tax the "rich", you are increasing his employement cost, which means the "rich" will employ fewer people. Are people stupid enough to believe that the "rich" are simply going to do with less profits? No, taxes will be past along to the customer and cost fewer jobs. If I owned a company employing 75 people, and you increase my expenses in the form of taxes and etc, the first thing I would have to do would be to hire fewer people, and to cut wages by not giving bonuses out and reducing other thing that so many employees expect today.

Oprah has a right to support whoever she wants. She is a very intelligent woman, and she is supporting him because she believes in him not because he is black. Barack Obama is extremely inspiring. He is inspiring all kinds of support-democrats,republicans,independents,whites,blacks,young people,old people etc,etc...All kinds of people are standing up for him, because he is the kind of guy that makes you want to get up and march. Oprah and Clooney are just following their heart, just like the rest of us. "In the face of impossible odds,people who love their country can change it"-Barack Obama

i voted for Willie, not his wife. She just skeeved me from th start. The DemocRat old-guard doing their thing to support the status quo. I'm on a list from a San Francisco democrat & the dip shit minor state level politician was fundraising for her because 'the clinton's gave him a chance' way back when. Like him there are many. It's all about continuing the cycle.

I'll vote Republican or green if that nasty witch gets the democrat nomination.

It seems racist for Oprah both to get so involved in politics for the first time for a black man, and also for her to suggest that she won't do it again in the future. It seems racist for Obama to say that the day he's inaugurated, American will be different by that very fact. When two officials of NAACP were asked about this comment, they did not answer the question directly, but changed the question to possible policies.

The Winning Formula =

0 + 0 =W

Oprah + Obama = Win in Iowa and New Hampshire!

To all the left leaning lunatics who constantly complain about Bush and the war, would you rather the theatre of war be played out in the USA? Well, that is what "cut and run" would get you in the eyes of Islam (think Somalia and Bosnia, think hard)..

I would dig to see Guiliani and McCain on the same ticket.

Enough feel good liberalism.

Has anyone told Oprah that Obama isn't really black? He's 1/2 white and was raised by whites while living in Hawaii. Not really any "street cred" there.
He's a well-spoken Oreo with the filling gone.

If the Dems. truly seek to retake the White House, Senator Obama is the best candidate for a general election. He will easily put together the 272 or so electoral votes needed to win the presidency. A Blue State strategy is a sure loser! Senator Obama can win in South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida much easier than any other Dem. candidate. In the end Americans will vote for character! Senator Clinton comes with tons of baggage. Remember Monica Lewinsky? That the Clintons defiled the White House is a moral scar that most Americans do not want to be reminded of!

Obama is the first candidate since Bill to make me feel proud to be a voter. Not that he is without fault, but when he speaks, I believe him. Where Senator Clinton seems to be running through the playbook when she's asked for her opinion, Barack actually seems to be thoughtful and genuine. I am tired of the same old battles and the same old obstacles to progress in this country. We have really huge issues to tackle in the next 4-8 years. Terrorism, Climate change, China, Energy, Water. If we drop another Clinton in Washington we'll be right back where we started and we'll remember how we got there the first time. The Clinton years look great after 7 years of this administration, but there was a lot of time to form grudges, burn bridges, and form a strong base of dissent. We see that all coming back up to the surface again. All the extreme right wing pundits are holding very successful "No to Hillary" fundraisers and the once faltering GOP is coming back together for the dual cause of practicing their hit-jobs on Senator Clinton and making sure that she gets all the attention she wants... so that their candidate can run against her in '08. She may be poised to do well in the primaries, but I think her chances are much more slim in the general election. Independents and potentially defecting Rebulicans are far more likely to vote for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. We already know the Democrats will come out in droves to vote for their candidate no matter who it is. It was those middle voters that lost us the last two elections. Remember? The middle matters!

I believe in the last debate with the Dem,s, their was the question about human rights or security and Dodd said a President take,s the oath of office to Protect and Defend the country. So my question to Barach Obama is: If it were Chicago that was attacked, would he have voted the same way? Now any way you want to slice it Sen. Obama, you can,t have it both ways. You say I will protect american,s because of my kids, But I did not support this war. You say people are wanting to here a candidate be clear and decisive, yet you offer the same answer as everyone else, but yet your different than everyone else. Well how is that, when a Majority was for taken some kind of action after 911! Now you come back and say after the fact, that faulty Intell was why you were right for not voteing for the war. Well double talk is double talk. The clairification is for Sen. Obama, is the simple fact that when their was an outcry from 911 he said no to protecting and defending American. But then he said if their was actionable Intell he would attack in Aftganistand, Seem to me this is not the straight talk that he himself say American need and deserve. Yes we all know now what the deal is Mr, Obama, But you know yourself as a Jr. Senator that you were as much in the dark as were the other Dem,s were, when it came to this issue. You gambled, and it payed off. But is that what you call experience. or maybe like Gandi and Martin Luther your just plain against war,and hey, that okay, but you can,t have it both ways. So will you once and for all quit blameing others and let us know what you mean when you say AMERICANS really want clear and define answer because really, this is to damn important! Isn,t it or maybe not, Maybe it all depends on what your definition of (is) Is!Is he for actionable Itellengence war or Is he against war altogether. Please Mister Obama lets us know before you get in the White House, as this current last mistake of the peoples vote, if you want to call it that, was quite frankly retarded.

Who's next, Rick Ocasek?

Because only none-whites, gays and women have protections under hate crime and hate speech laws, I have fewer protections under our so-called constitition. So do I support a black guy as a canidate? If course not, at any level. I support the first fashist leader who supports the constituion, and if he or she goes overboard and decides to lambast other races and religions, I don't give a dman, because my rights have already been taken away.

It is quite interesting to read the comments on this site-opinions aside. Bill Clinton(D) used The Oprah Winfrey show as a forum to get elected, as did George W. Bush(R) and Arnold "Governor of California" Schwarzenegger(R). After their collective appearances on her show opinion polls showed a drastic increase. It allowed the public to access credibility and sincerity. Her audience is the electorate. With Obama, Oprah is supporting someone she believes in. PERIOD.

Now, I am not American and can not vote in your elections, but one thing is certain-America is in trouble. It is my profound opinion experience is overrated. George W. Bush(R) is a two term governor; Bill Clinton is also a multi-term governor and a Rhodes Scholar. Yet, Monica Lewinsky almost ruined him- c'mon. The issue should never be experience, it is COMPETENCE! Everything else is smoke and mirrors. This is why China, India and Europe will usurp America.

Hillary is just a republican without all of the "God" references. Why else is Rupert Murdoch hosting fundraisers for Hillary. Barack Obama - while naive about Iraq and Al Queda- is fresh. Barack Obama is not tainted by renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. Barack Obama represents Union members - not just the unions representing government employees like Hillary. NAFTA hurt the average worker in the United States and Hillary doesn't care: she sold out for her New York mansion and her seat in the senate. Now her people, behind their hands, take cheap shots at Barack Obama and Oprah.
Is it a coincidence that 1) Barack Obama had a hillarious cameo on Saturday Night Live, and 2) Corporate owners of NBC fired almost the entire staff of striking writers of SNL? No other show has had such a hit against the union busting NBC. Don Imus - a Hillary critic - was fired by CBS for commments in poor taste that did not come close to Connie Chungs' comments about Newt Gingrich, let alone Dan Rathers cooking a story against Pres. Bush. Again, Corporate America silencing critics of Hillary Clinton.
All I can say is GO OPRAH! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!

I'm so surprised in some of the comments that I'm reading from you people. Oprah is obviously not supporting Obama because he is black, she's doing it because after Bush-Clinton-Bush she still sees that this country is battling the same problems that she saw in 1988! If she hasn't voted since then it's because she hadn't found a candidate that she could trust. Obama is that fresh face who is not become jaded by the failed politics and pessimism of Washington. Oprah is celebrity but she is a private figure just like each and every one of us. If she wants to vigorously support a good decent man, then it is her Constitutional right to do so. Oprah has also donated millions to domestic causes and has completely funded a school for the disadvantaged youth of South Africa: this qualifies her as a good woman. Just because she is supporting Hellary or a Repub does not make her any less of woman. I look forward to her actively campaigning for change and progress for this country. Lastly, I'd like to point out that Oprah transcends race, class, and believe it or not, gender. Her support will open Obama's candidacy to alot of the educated ( or not so educated) white (and Asian, Hispanic), wealthy ( or rural or middle class) women of America who are blindly and ideologically chained to the Hillary Clinton brand. Please Oprah, liberate the slaves and heal the blind who are controlled by the Clinton myth.

I just hope that when Obama wins the Democratic nomination he does not choose Hillary as his running mate, because with the dozens of dead bodies lying around that just happened to be perceived to be any threat to the Clintons in the past - from various Arkansans to Vince Foster to Brit Hume's son - Obama should let those criminal Clintons have no possibility of access to power if he values his own safety. It's a sad state of affairs but criminals like the Clintons should get no reward for committing felonies anymore. No access to any rewards - it's that simple.

Nasa has 2.3 % of National Income

»»» "Military have 33%" «««

Take 10% of that for edu and another 10 add to Nasa
and build some bridges

Inspector Columbo could very well handle these terrorists
as is done in Europe.

Let Obama /Oprah Stedman Gaile campaign against Depleted Uranium
which will destroy Humanity in 5 generations,
but 3 generations if Iran is attacked.
One Ion DU inhaled means death
One little bullet produces over a billion airborne Ions.

The Sticky honeybees vanished already ( USA 72% bee collapse )

Ask the sick veterans for comment

I personally blame Oprah for delivering the female vote for Bush 8 year ago when he appeared on her show and was so "likable". Hopefully Obama won't turn out to be a stupid hateful, ignorant war puppet like Bush is and will actually do some good for our country.

What are people afraid of what the clintons will do to Oprah? Why is it that if you put all the clinton scandals and illegal things they have done it makes a pile of dirt bigger than all of the other candidates put together. How do the clintons get away with scaring us this way? Who died and put them in charge? What are people afraid of, and, if we're all this afraid, doesn't this give us a big clue that she is the WRONG person to be the next president?

The 'centrists' in the Democratic Party (these are the PIGDOGS: People Interested in Getting Dollars Out of Government)support Hillary. They are Republcans without all of the talk about "God".
They are the non-manufacturing Union members (ie: government employees) who do not have to live with the aftermath of Bill Clinton having signed NAFTA. He took millions in Union dollars the stabbed us in the back.
Working class America needs Barack Obama- not the overcoached, never herself Hillary Clinton. She is in it for the money and the power. She left Arkansas a pauper, and left the White House a millionaire.

Posted by: Lina Anderson | November 20, 2007 09:20 PM

How much experience did George Washington, Lincoln or Eisenhower have to become President?


General, Lawyer, General

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEck.....all these pinheads have a been there...Europe,Africa,Asia or Middle East....they have been there and have done that...No attacks on our mainland since 9/11...somebody is doing something must be Obahahaamamama

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEck.....all these pinheads have a been there...Europe,Africa,Asia or Middle East....they have been there and have done that...No attacks on our mainland since 9/11...somebody is doing something must be Obahahaamamama

It is quite interesting to read the comments on this site-opinions aside. Bill Clinton(D) used The Oprah Winfrey show as a forum to get elected, as did George W. Bush(R) and Arnold "Governor of California" Schwarzenegger(R). After their collective appearances on her show opinion polls showed a drastic increase. It allowed the public to access credibility and sincerity. Her audience is the electorate. With Obama, Oprah is supporting someone she believes in. PERIOD.

Now, I am not American and can not vote in your elections, but one thing is certain-America is in trouble. It is my profound opinion experience is overrated. George W. Bush(R) is a two term governor; Bill Clinton is also a multi-term governor and a Rhodes Scholar. Yet, Monica Lewinsky almost ruined him- c'mon. The issue should never be experience, it is COMPETENCE! Everything else is smoke and mirrors. This is why China, India and Europe will usurp America.

I sure want the guy with three wives wins. Or maybe the guy who doesn't believe in Christ. Or that hillybilly from Arkansas.

Any agruement claiming Democrats will be spending more of your money than this current administration already has is complete idiocy.

The Republican party threw away the last of its "Reagan" values when they carted his rotting corpse around D.C.

Lets only hope Hillary doesn't get any closer to the White House than she already has been.

Ron Paul 08

I think it's a good idea that Oprah gets involved in politics but I'd like for her to run for office herself. She's the perfect example of how power without responsibility corrupts even those with benign intentions. Intellectually, Oprah's an empty vessel and if she ran for office people would see that. I can't wait until Kitty Kelley's book comes out. I wonder if she will put that book on her "list".

Senators Clinton and Obama are the most liberals senators in the Senate. All dem have promised that they will raise taxes.

Listen to each person republican or democrate and make up your own mind. Don't let anyone tell you who to vote for.

A lot of people have changed to Independent ticket. That speaks volums of what people think about all the canidates.

I thin this is a very smart move, not only on Obama's part, but Oprah's as well!! It shows that Oprah is not a bias feminist, & that she supports whom ever she thinks best to run our country!!
Go Obama, we're with you all-the-way, to defeat this Antichrist, Hillarious Clinton!!!"Trust in the Lord & he shall deliver"!!

Amen? Amen!!!!

Obama has secrets even she doesn't know.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oh GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.

I'm not sure of whom I'm voting for yet, but if you buy into that political 'Nixon' trick, you're not up on your presidential history. EVERY politician has secrets. We ALL have secrets. What president hasn't had something dragged out of his proverbial closet? Do you not think Hillary has secrets? hahaha~

EVERY politician is nothing but a used car salesman who went to better colleges. They all try to sell us something. It doesn't mean you have to buy it, but that's just me.

And, I'm not a big fan of Oprah all of the time either, but if she's going to be categorized as a commercialism-craving whore, at least she's given billions in charity. What's the last thing your used car salesmen gave you, except a line of bullshiz and a lemon before taking his family out for their celebratory dinner in the 4-year-old food aisle in Big Lots? Everyone uses, no matter how minute, everyone does what they can, and at least Oprah's doing good with what she's trying to sell. DonnyBoy Trump's presidential run and his steaks didn't fair as well.


That is sadly the level of intellect that most of her followers will experience on "election" day.

ANYbody BUT Hillary in '08! Yessss!!!

How much experience did George Washington Have? A great soldier with a vission for America. Is it how much experience you have or the people you surround your self.I'm sure Hsu want's hillary to when so she can give him a pardon like hubby did for the other crooks in their circle of friends.

I think that Hillary Clinton proves that a woman in a position of power can be just as corrupt as a man. No way would I vote for her - just because she's a woman. We need to do better than that!

I think it is a big fat JOKE that anybody would think Oprah campaigning for Obama is going to help him!!!! LOL!!!! I HATE OPRAH WINFREY!!!! She is a conceited bitch!!! I am a Hillary supporter and there's no way I was voting for Obama anyway, especially after all his nastiness to Hillary constantly, but the fact Oprah is endorsing him, I would vote for him even LESS!!!

Why anyone would listen to Oprah telling woman not to vote for the first woman president and vote for Obama is ludicrous!!! LOL!!!!


p.s. NOBODY has a better campaigner than Hillary anyway!!! President Bill Clinton!!!

as a man, i cannot believe why any woman would NOT want to vote for another woman, whether it's Hillary or not. aren't you all sick to death of male dominance?


watch out america,the o indorsment will help the other o
but who do the gop have to beat the dems??
romney not
rudy not
thompson not
paul ???
hukster maybe
mc cain best shot .
no matter who runs for the dems vs the gop
dems win
its called the chenny/bush screwup
get a life
vote and forget the polls

Who is Oprah?

Go Rudy!

I am stunned at the ignorance some people spread before the world! Not because I don't agree, but their conclusions are not based on facts. It is shameful, but their choice.

That Oprah is a winner is not up for debate. She has worked tirelessly for her achievements, and is confident in the products she endorses, knowing that we all are given to human frailty, but her track record speaks for itself. We who have followed her know this. Disagreeing with her does not merit untrue derogatory statements. It is pathetic that people are so hate filled they will make unfounded malicious opinions on the World Wide Web, exposing their ignorant opinions. Get over it folks and don't embarrass yourselves! Start by reading the Oprah Winfrey web page with an open mind, noting the many opportunities including her Angel Network, Habitat for Humanity sponsorship, etc. Ms. Winfrey uses her influence for good and for encouragement, helping thousands to a better life.

As a positive icon, we can be assured that Oprah has given great thought as to why she supports Senator Obama. This icon of positive leadership is not going to put her force behind a potential loser!

Ms. Winfrey has a choice to endorse a political figure in the manner she has and will, as we do. She has nothing personal to gain, just like her other projects. It is obviously she feels strongly enough about her candidate of choice, our country and citizens, that has been - and is - abused into the current downward spiral, having lost respect across the globe.

The Oprah Winfrey Show & web site offer innumerable building blocks for a better life - at any income level. A billionaire now, she empathizes with & understands those who have not, for she's been there - done that in her early life. As she has said; "It's not just about being able to write a check. It's being able to touch somebody's life.”

Oprah's choice of Obama for President is a valid one, which we can rely on - based on her multitude of successes. We have - as Americans - been abused, lied to, had our benefits diminished, or cancelled, taxed into 3 generations forward for an unnecessary war, which has killed and seriously wounded our young men & women who believed the propaganda laid at their feet. Those who have survived are weary, and now want to embrace a administration who will lead us in peace, not be dictated to.

We've been taken for granted by current administration who depleted the treasury & our reputation - what we have stood for - is now a tarnished currency - reflected in our basement level US$ - at a record low!

It has never been more important to inform ourselves and vote for the candidate who best will stand in our who will reflect COMPETENCE, one who will be our respected leader - not a dictatorial king!

And yes,living in another country (as my children did from 7 & 8 for 5 1/2 years), DOES make a difference - especially in our shrinking world! Even at those young ages, it has instilled a valuable outlook and reality of other cultures.We are not at the mercy of an argument for what we experienced! It is foolish to belittle what you do not understand nor have experienced!

Finally, let us not forget we, as U.S. citizens, hire our government employees...including the president! I would hire Oprah. I would hire Senator Obama. I hope, after your honest research, you will too, and join me as we confidently cast our votes for someone who will garner the respect we so badly need in the world! Vote Obama!

Next Oprah: "And if EVERYONE will look under their seats, there is a VOTING BOOTH for EVERYONE!!! and a tiny Barack doll". Somehow the queen of feelings misses the mark on this one. I guess being fat and having a big mouth means you are real. I can't wait to see who O'Donnell supports! I like Obama, I just hate the way Oprah runs schools with all the vajayjay cutting.

I love Oprah but on this I beg to differ. Hillary is a better candidate and I hope she wins the nomination. Obama is still green on many things. And going to school in Indonesia has nothing to do with foreign policy. Hillary will be 44.

Right on, Sandra Lee! The hatred that is spewed here, about either Oprah or Senator Obama comes mostly from ignorant people who have not invested even one iota of time researching the character and competence of either of these two people. Instead, they seem content to embrace their own ignorance and hatred. Very sad indeed.

How someone could belittle Oprah Winfrey and her accomplishments; and that she pours herself into her work and philanthropy is beyond me. God have mercy on their souls for they know not what they do.

Now about Barack Obama and why he deserves our vote and support; here is a man who cares nearly equally about others as he does himself. He gives and gives of himself, then keeps on giving.

Take for example his tireless work on the south side of Chicago, working for a consortium of churches who were attempting to attend to the needs of so many who had lost their jobs and were without hope. He could have taken a job with a Wall Street Brokerage firm; he could have earned many multiples of the pay that he received, even as a lecturer at the University of Chicago where he taught constitutional law.

How anyone could belittle or attempt to defame the character of such a man is beyond me. He is a uniter and a peacemaker, and a very brilliant one at that. I suppose his intelligence intimidates many people, but the least they could do is show some respect.

If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything at all!

And "alwaysforhillary", do you not understand that if Hillary wins the nomination, she will energize the Republican base so well that the majority we enjoy in the Senate and the house will be at risk? Do you not recall that the House and Senate went to the Republicans within two years of Bill Clinton being elected? They controlled it for 12 long years! Are you devoid of reason?

Certainly those who are so strongly behind Hillary will wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. She'll never see the oval office, except as a Senator. Mark my words, it will not happen.

Not that I have anything against her -- I'm sure she's got a great heart for children and families, is a wonderful woman in many ways, especially with her patience for her husband, but she has a reputation as a hawk and votes like she is Bush-lite! It will not do to speak with forked tongue and to expect voters to believe you!

Barack Obama brings Hope and he personifies "Change We Can Believe In" because he is honest, extremely intelligent; something we cannot say, unfortunately, about everyone who drops by here to spew their hatred and criticism without basis or cause.

Your mother would be ashamed that you talk so mean! Now go to your room and don't come out until you can act civil to your fellow man!

One thing I have learned in life. Is to NEVER put any one you don't personally and truly know on a pedestal or hero worship a celebrity or a politician. You will ALWAYS be disappointed.

I don't really mind Oprah going on the road. I'm going to see them in Manchester New Hampshire. I've seen him Keene. Listening to him he has such good plans, and I'm sorry but Hillary always avoids the bigger problems in our country, like the war, and health care. Even though Oprah is a very influential woman (I'm a fan) its not going to make me like Obama more or less. If people would get off their high horse, and listen, maybe America could be the country it use to be. Oh and I like how someone said that Mexico is a 3rd world country even though we have to borrow 300 million dollars a day from them. People need to get their facts right, open their eyes, and shut their mouths. Go Barack! You've got New Hampshire support!

I don't think it is racist for Oprah to get involved the first time when a black man is running. In part becuse Obama is the Senator from her state.She did not campian for Rev. Jackson when he ran and he is black.She belives in the man and has every right to voice her heart and mind. Run Barack run !!

Thank you all very much for providing me with a full spectrum of political opinion in America today in response to a single event of ultimately minor importance. It's wonderful to see such passion on display. While some of it may be full of bile, even innuendo, all of you seem to care for the political life of this country. Hope you have oodles of fun arguing and agonizing and get over the heartbreak if and when it arrives.

Hmm.... one of the world's most powerful black woman trying to make this black man the most powerful man on earth. I wonder what that will make Oprah? As history shows wealth craves power. Women vote for a woman president or black for a black president at least the woman is an experienced, dedicated and determined one.


Hilary Clinton is the only candidate who has worked her entire life on issues affecting people of modest means (mostly women and children). This country was built by people of modest means, and if we lose the middle class we lose America. If you don't know about her achievements, simply google her name and read her bio. If health care, education and children's issues do not concern you AND you make enough money to qualify as one the top 10% of the richest Americans, vote for anyone but a Clinton. However, if you are a regular person and give a dang about your quality of life you might want to vote for someone who understands that it has been going downhill for a while and needs to be rescued before America becomes a third world country. I am not saying I agree with her on every issue, but if you get rid of the hype, the lies, and the spin, and look at the issues, unless you are super rich voting for anyone else is just downright stupid. And Obama is just someone who, according to his own words, was worried about not making enough money and considered leaving politics a few years ago. And Oprah is just a rich person who forgot her roots--it wasn't white people who raped her as a child, it was men (BLACK MEN). Shame on her for not supporting the first real chance presidential candidate that is a woman. Shame on her. Shame on her.

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