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Sweet Iowa JJ live blog 2: Edwards rips Clinton for planting question.


DES MOINES, IA.—The Clinton campaign got caught planting a question in a Newton, Ia. town hall meeting. The story has been ping-ponging on the web since Friday night, to the delight of the Obama forces.

White House hopeful former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) slammed Clinton during a press availability here Saturday afternoon, linking her to President Bush. Edwards took a few questions after addressing the Iowa Farmers Union meeting here earlier today.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is speaking now. She is very subdued. Seems the day off she took to rest her voice worked. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) were on the stage earlier. This is all in a warm-up to the Iowa State Party's big Jefferson Jackson dinner tonight where they will be expected to deliver stemwinders.

Asked to react to the Clinton question plant story, Edwards let it rip.

Here’s the Edwards' verbatim…..

“My response is that’s what George Bush does. George Bush goes to events that are staged, where people are screened, where they are only allowed to ask questions if the questions are favorable to George Bush. And set up in his favor.

“That’s not the way Democracy works in Iowa. And that is not the way it works in New Hampshire. I mean if you actually want to be president of the United States you go out, you face people, which I’ve done in every one of the 99 counties in Iowa and answered their
questions that are asked.

“And that’s the way it is supposed to work in the caucus process and I think this is the kind of thing George Bush himself has done.”

The Clinton camp was working Friday night to kill the story. But it did not succeed and it snowballed.

Asked to react to Edwards, Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee pushed back at Edwards. “Attacking other Democrats is what George Bush does and I think Iowans and the people of Iowa and New Hampshire are going to have to decide whether John Edwards’ total abandonment of positive campaigning is the way they want to see things run in their state.”

I mentioned that planting questions is not exactly kosher either. Elleithee said put things in perspective. “Hillary Clinton has taken hundreds of questions from reporters and Iowans during the course of this campaign…a lot of tough questions…I think people know that Hillary knows how to take touch questions.”

Will this hurt Clinton? Elleithee said, “At the end of the day I don’t think this is going to hurt us.”


I'm glad that the candidates are finally pointing out what a phony Hillary Clinton is. The woman has absolutely no convictions to anything other than herself. She never answers questions at debates and her campaign donations are incredibly suspect.

The only reason she is where she is in the polls is because of her name. But people need to realize that a name does not constitute good judgment. I have absolutely no faith that Hillary can run this country effectively. If she was elected president the country would become more divided than it is now. If she was a good leader she would recognize that and step down, but all she is concerned about is gratifying her own ego.

It wasn't that long ago she asked a man if he was a plant from another campaign (based on the question he asked her). Takes one to know one, I guess. Or as the French proverb puts man looks under the bed unless he has hidden there himself.

Thanks to Lynn Sweet and the Sun-Times for covering the Hillary fraudulent questions story. The Tribune blog page did also, but we have yet to learn if it makes the Trib print edition. On the other hand, it is being totally ignored by the NY Times, Washington Post, AP, major networks and all the usual suspects. The obvious next question is whether Hillary and her people planted questions in press conferences and if members of the press are as complicit in the fraud as they are in the cover-up of the scandal.


I totally agree with you. You are exacly right.

Hillary Clinton is a disgrace, and she has no chance of winning the primaries.

during the Clinton Administrative years, my late wife at one point told me she had named her dishwasher Hilary. When I asked her why Hilary, her reply was that washing dishes is the only thing Hilary should be allowed to do in the White House!


Hillary Clinton declines to speak to the issues - or at least provide real answers to real questions, while opting for the more PC Global Warming ones - even if she has to script them herself. Of which she currently claims, “It’s news to me.” How else could the Clinton staged media have reported Hillary’s remarkable comeback, after the Illegal Alien Driver’s License (Gotcha) debacle?

But like a good many Americans (and many good Americans), I don’t want that duo back in the White House. With the Clintons, what is past is prologue. And Hillary will come back swinging. Then there’s the incidence of Al Qaeda flight students, trained at the University of Bill Clinton. Why does this remain a non-issue? Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it:”

Hillary Clinton: Positively Pandering, Definitely Duplicitous, Ultimately Unelectable.

Edwards whole campaign has deteriorated to a bomb throwing contest. He can't open his mouth without some vitriol against Clinton. I used to be an Edwards fan, no more.

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