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Sweet interviews Clinton: "I am a great admirer of Oprah." Downplays impact of stumping for Obama.


CHICAGO--Hillary Rodham Clinton told the Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday she’s a fan of Oprah Winfrey, downplaying her impact when she campaigns for Barack Obama. Still, Clinton’s campaign rolled out the endorsement of megastar Barbra Streisand Tuesday in order to claim some celebrity parity with Winfrey.

“I am a great admirer of Oprah. I mean, she is a great figure in America and I think of her campaigning is certainly her personal decision,” Clinton said.

“But people are going to decide based on the candidates, about our experience and our qualifications, our plans for the future and whether, you know, we actually can bring about the change that we are advocating. Change is just a word without the strength and experience to make it happen and I am very much looking forward to have the rest of this campaign focus who can lead starting on Day One."

Asked if she were concerned that Winfrey might get out the vote in key states, Clinton said, “We all have a lot of supporters. I am proud to have my husband campaigning for me and making the case."

Streisand spokesman Ken Sunshine said there were no plans at this time for the star to hit the campaign trail. Winfrey stumps for Obama in Iowa on Dec. 8 and New Hampshire and South Carolina on Dec. 9.

Clinton noted she has her own super-surrogate. “I am proud to have my husband campaigning for me.”


How pathetic. Hillary has a bigger set of problems, the story about Bill's playing around that is about to hit the newspapers and his new comments about being against the war before he was for it. No more Clinton-drama, and that includes Barbra.

So am I to believe HRC sees Bill's followers as a larger group than Oprah fans? Who cares? "My husband" has become Hill's own lips cutting down her chances.

For Clinton to even insinuate that Winfrey is irrelavant is patently foolish... I may not be one of Oprah's acolytes but I know one thing: Unlike the Clintons, she has impeccable integrity. She stands on her word and owns up to her mistakes. Unlike Streisand, you will never find a tape of Winfrey responding to a heckler with F-bombs.

This is only more proof that the Clintons need to be taken down several pegs. It's past time that they discover life outside of the spotlight.

I voted for Bill Clinton twice - and I will probably vote for Hillary. But I do not discount the importance of Barack Obama's Campaign for president. He is not a Bible toting self-serving race monger - but he is black. He has demonstrated that black men do not have to be wacko.

Of course Senator Clinton was expected to down-play Oprah's involvement even as she touts Dr. Maya Angelou's endorsement, Magic Johnson and that of Ms. Streisand and other prominent people.

I cannot help but wonder how loudly the Clintons would have mentioned this endorsement if in fact the reserve had been true and Oprah had endorsed Hillary.

The fact that the Clinton campaign chooses to declare Ms. Streisand’s endorsement in the same news cycle as the Oprah effect is being discussed is the evidence I need to know that the Clintons know that there is a potential for Obama to benefit from Oprah even at the margins.

Given how close the polls are in Iowa, any change of support at the margins has the potential to impact the caucus results

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