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Sweet extra: Obama meeting with Al Sharpton in Harlem.


NEW YORK--(114TH and Amsterdam)--Before a fund-raiser at the Apollo on Thursday nite, Barack Obama is going to meet with Al Sharpton.....developing....

Obama is in New York for a string of fund-raisers.


Sharpton may be a mercenary rabble rouser like the televangalists who look hard for, and sometimes manufacture, hints of sin to keep those contributions coming but some people actually pay attention to the guy and its hardly out of line for Obama to give him a sop of a little time. Practical politics. Obama seems level-headed enough that I doubt if Sharpton will induce him to concentrate on the occasional sensational incident of actual or alleged discrimination to the detriment of addressing the more serious lingering and unobtrusive manifestations of racial discrimination.

Wake up Steve Palmberg, it is Sharpton who is giving a sop of a little time with Obama on his home turf. Obama would love to have Sharpton's support but has little chance of getting it.

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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