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Sweet blog special: The making of a Clinton photo op. Sweet seeks Clinton avail, to no avail, Newsweek reports.


WASHINGTON--The Saturday photo op for Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas was highly orchestrated. I was there but did not have a chance to file a behind-the-scenes blog report (I was busy with the Bob Novak dustup.)

The play-by-play account from Newsweek blogger Andrew Romano LINK gives me a walk-on role.

That's me at work in the photo.


almost 20 years after leaving the Arkansas Gov. mansion, Hillary's first lady records are still not available for the public and is still being kept under wraps.

The Clintons are as controversial as ever. Nothing has changed for them after all these years. Hillary Clinton brings nothing new or fresh to the political Presidential arena -- just the same stale old politics of the 1990's. We as Americans are looking for a new direction now.

Andrea Taylor

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