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Sweet blog special: Bush meets with Israel, Palestinian leaders. Gore back at the White House.

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HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.--Mideast peace talk participants at Annapolis conference head to the White House on Monday. Former Vice President Al Gore and 2007 Nobel prize winners meet with Bush in the Oval office.

the White House sked....

10:55 am THE PRESIDENT meets with the Prime Minister of Israel

Oval Office, The White House


1:15 pm THE PRESIDENT meets with the President of the Palestinian Authority

Oval Office, The White House


3:00 pm THE PRESIDENT participates in a Photo Opportunity

with Recipients of the 2007 Nobel Awards

Oval Office, The White House


7:00 pm THE PRESIDENT departs The White House en route U.S. Department of State

INTOWN TRAVEL POOL accompanies in motorcade

7:05 pm THE PRESIDENT Arrives U.S. Department of State

7:10 pm THE PRESIDENT makes Brief Remarks at the Secretary of State’s Dinner with

Annapolis Conference Participants

U.S. Department of State | Washington, DC


7:45 pm THE PRESIDENT departs U.S. Department of State en route The White House

INTOWN TRAVEL POOL accompanies in motorcade

7:50 pm THE PRESIDENT arrives The White House

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