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Sweet blog: Obama seeks to claim JFKennedy legacy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorses Clinton

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BROOKLYN, N.Y.--The Barack Obama campaign has former John F. Kennedy speechwriter Ted Sorenson. On Thursday, the Hillary Rodham Clinton team announced the endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


FROM THE Clinton campaign....

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Endorses Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the war in Iraq to an end and reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming,” Kennedy said. “I watched proudly as Hillary won over New Yorkers across the state in her race for the Senate seat my father once held. Since then, she’s been reelected in a landslide victory and proven that she is ready to lead this nation from her first day in office. Hillary will inspire the real change America needs.”

“Bobby has worked tirelessly to protect our environment and raise awareness about the dangers of global warming and pollution,” Clinton said. “I’m deeply honored to have his support and counsel.”

Kennedy serves as Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and President of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic and is co-host of Ring of Fire on Air America Radio. Earlier in his career he served as Assistant District Attorney in New York City.

In recognition of his environmental efforts, Time Magazine named him one of its “Heroes for the Planet” for his success leading the fight to restore the Hudson River.

Kennedy is scheduled to campaign for Clinton at stops in eastern Iowa today.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.(Hero for the Planet):

"Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the war in Iraq to an end and reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming." (GOLF-CLUB APPLAUSE , WEAK LAUGHTER sequing to AUDIENCE MOANING)


"We've got to have enforceable environmental standards. I mean, that, to me, is rule number one, well, maybe rule number two depending on which you favor, dying in a desert or being shot by a terrorist. You know, this is still America, and I will work as hard as I ever have to protect your right to choose.

However you may feel about your immiment demise, the devastating effects of global warming MUST be reversed. And make no mistake, all things come to pass, some head-on and some from behind like me at night in a bullet-proof SUV with the lights off.

My experience in government proves that a great deal can be accomplished in the dark. So, let me be very clear, when I am president, I will call for a Sun time-out, something the Bush administration has NOT done."

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