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Sweet's Tuesday Obama clips: Jesse Jackson for Obama---kind of--in LATimes interview.


HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.--The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson is for White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). But in talking to the Los Angeles Times he was not very effusive. LINK

Here's the LAT headline Jackson will be clarifying "Jesse Jackson: For Obama, but maybe also Clinton."
That's the headline you get when you say you are voting for Obama because he is a "neighbor."

The David D. Hiller mentioned is the Publisher, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Times


Jesse Jackson is for both Obama and Clinton?!? Tune in tomorrow for his weather forecast--"it may rain and it may not!"
Whomever gets it...Bill Richardson is the PERFECT running mate.
Catholic, Hispanic, great resume, from a swing state.
Dems could have won in 2004 with a better VP candidate.
John Edwards helped carry ZERO states. A fact never mentioned. HELLO!
Dick Gephardt might have helped carry Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.

well, let's just say the rev. is keepin' hope alive:-)!

Jeffrey, the rev. is indeed keeping hope alive, his hand out, and his bank acct. full

lol, i agree john!!:-)...but it's "ery" not "rey"!!!:-)

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