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Sweet's Oct. 30 Obamaville. Dem debate starts at 8 p.m. Chicago time on MSNBC.


WASHINGTON-- Seven Democrats face off for the eighth time at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Nine times, if the AFL-CIO forum in Chicago's Soldier Field is counted.

The two hour debate starts at 8 p.m. Chicago time on MSNBC. The session will be moderated by Brian Williams, joined by Tim Russert. Mike Gravel was not invited.

Philadelphia, PA
Auditorium in the Main Building
Corner of Chestnut Street and 32nd Street
Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA
Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Last night at a Barnes and Noble book signing at I asked Mark Halperin who works for Time Magazine why the media is so anxious for Obama to beat up on Hillary and yet never encourages Giuliani`s, (who is the Republican front runner) rivals to go after Giuliani.
He replied that the media really loves Obama and wants him to be doing better and doesn`t really care about the GOP race.
So Obama and also Edwards are now attacking Hillary with a vengeance. Therefore Hillary is being beaten up on both sides while Giuliani, is getting a free ride.
However I believe that the democrats can go too far in attacking Hillary.Whatever they say will be used against Hillary in the general election if she gets the nomination.. . Ronald Reagan`s 11 commandment-which says that "Republicans should not speak ill of a fellow Republican" should be applied to democrats as well.
Also now Obama is repeating the rightwing lie that Social Security is in trouble and needs to be fixed. The GOP likes to say that in order to scare people about Social Security. However, according to economists like Paul Krugman, social security is fiscally sound until 2041 and at that point would just require minor tinkering in order to remain sound.

The big news will be right outside re: $1,000,000.00 & more people with gravel than IN the hall - GE NBC DNC in panic

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