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Sweet on Sugar: Sugar Rautbord--an Obama fund-raiser--dishy dispatch from inside Clinton's funder in Chicago.


WASHINGTON (REAGAN NATIONAL AIRPORT)---Picking up where I left off in earlier post waiting for my flight at United's B9 gate at O'Hare--where I wondered if I would run in to any Congressmen on the shuttle--the answer was no in Chicago. But I just ran into Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Ill.) here when I walked off the plane. (The O'Hare flights come and go from the same gate.)

Plopped down--before heading to the office--to check out what I missed in the world during the hour plus when I was in air and I saw this dispatch from Sugar Rautbord over at the Huffington Post. LINK

Rautbord put on her hat as a Chicago political anthropologist to report on phenomena she is observing in the social/political circles she inhabits.

Some early Obama supporters are now flirting with Clinton. Rautbord puts herself out at exhibit one....she was a co-host of a Women for Obama fund-raiser....yet last week she took a seat at a Clinton funder in Chicago.

an excerpt....

Illinois Politics is as incestuous as the Ozarks of yore. Penny Pritzker, sister of National Hillary-for-President Operative JB, and this evening's host, is Barack's National Finance Chair.

This particular blogger was a co-host at the big Women for Obama Lunch early in the campaign and soon after the favorite Son endorsement.And many of the City's Favorite Son Annointees were at the table next to me, signaling "soft" commitment and/or multiple Hillary/Barack dual support.


well now, let's file under, "you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows." you won't see an axelrod departure untill the gravy train dries up...or completely runs off the tracks. keep in mind, he was tossed from yje edwards mobile the last outing. now, well he can join the trippi, shrum wins but deep pockets.

What on earth possessed Sugar to write a column (and bio!) like that??? (All right, I'm sure the cocktails were excellent and perhaps she wrote the piece before sobering up.) I expect she's writhing in embarrassment by now.

Choo-choo-choo-choo- all aboard the Hillary express!!!

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