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Sweet Oct. 24 clips and more: Obama on defensive over gay bashing backer and taking improper donations. UPDATE. Gay minister to open gospel tour. Damage control.


PORTSMOUTH, N.H.--UPDATE--The Obama campaign just told gay activists a gay minister will open each gospel session this weekend. This to defuse brewing uproar among gay supports for having gospel tour with gay basher.

EARLIER White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is in Washington, on the Senate floor, voting for S2205, known as the "DREAM ACT," designed to let some children of illegal immigrants become citizens, sponsored by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). The measure just failed 52-44 to win cloture and will not advance.

Wednesday is not shaping up as a dream day for Obama.

The Washington Post revealed that Obama's finance department vetters failed to catch a scheme where some teen children of donors sent checks to the Obama campaign, a technique used to get around federal contribution limits. LINK

And Obama's team has to douse a fire with gay supporters. That's because a gospel tour starting this weekend in South Carolina is featuring Grammy Award artist Donnie McClurkin, whose homophobic comments are upseting Obama's gay backers.

Huffington Post just posted video of McClurkin performing at the 2004 Republican Convention


"designed to let some children of illegal immigrants become citizens" Huh??
You mean to say it opens more free federal funding and free tuition like programs to any illegal; moreso than most American citizens who have lived in state or are ineligable for these same federal funds and services because they ARE NOT illegals.
They are already citizens no matter what.

You only talk of Obama's "child" supporters but conveniently forget to mention Hillary's! At least the article was more balanced because it mentions other candidates too. If someone bothered to check, I am pretty certain they'll turn up toddler supporters of Hillary too. Come on, be decent try hiding yr hatred of Obama!

McClurkin has said gays are "trying to kill our children."

I'm not going to be impressed with any gay minister who's willing to join a tour with this bigot.

And I'm disappointed Obama isn't doing the right thing: which would be to tell McClurkin he's not going to be part of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Obama's aides are attempting to put pressure on the Human Rights Campaign to stop making public statements about Obama's alliance with McClurkin.

Already, the wheels are falling off. Maybe Obama will have learned enough by 2012 to be able to run a professional operation. If this is how he manages his campaign, I wouldn't entrust him with the country.

(Obama's people have said they hope McClurkin's presence will "bring in a different element." Which makes me wonder: is it merely that they didn't properly vet the singer, as they contend? In this instance, I hope they were merely incompetent, because the alternative is deeply disturbing.)

Funny how the press holds Obama to a different standard than Hillary.
She gets an endorsement by an anti gay preacher named Harold Mayberry and it's all good. obama has a singer on his gospel tour he was not aware held those views and it's dump on Obama for a week.
This is how it's been all campaign.
Everyday the press is saying something negative about the man and if they don't have anything they make things up to bash him over.
And everyday they tout Hillary as the second coming. This woman, with a nothing done record in the senate, has a long history of failures and bad judgment calls and who's only reason she is even a serious candidate is because of nepotism.
is that the standard by how we elect presidents?
Not by talent or intellect but by who you are related to?
The whole season the coverage has been a joke. The press cannot fawn enough over Hillary and she has yet to have a bad day. She is forever being bailed out by the press who promotes this woman like she is deserving of the presidency. No she is not. She is a disaster who like Bush is being marketed by the press by the sole reason of her marriage and not on anything she has done that warrants this.
Barack Obama has gotten where he is by his intellect, hard work and talent. Not because of nepotism.
So the press has had their field days with him. Now what? Is Hillary going to have to answer for her anti gay preacher? Of course not.
Whatever happened to a press that told the truth and did not keep promoting losers for the job of president because of family? And what happens when she destroys this country as bad as the Chimp who got his job because of daddy? Will you guys take your lumps for another interfering in our elections based on favortism?

Why is no one reporting that the minister was RAPED at age 8 and again at age 13? Why is the GLBT community not proclaiming from the rooftops that the man who abused the minister may not even have been gay himself, but was instead a pedophile? And just because an abuser is so-called "straight" does not mean his victim is able to have a healthy attitude about sex and love.

The Rev was abused, became confused as to his own sexuality, and was eventually healed. That does not necessarily mean all homosexual people are confused and need to heal. It does make the point that children who are exposed to sex can suffer and act out the abuse for years following the incident. Why are we not talking about the difference between healthy homosexual relationships and pedophiles?

They are not the same thing.

Obama has spoken about the separation of sex from it's intended meaning- the bond of love between two people. He spoke at an evangelical church about the need to restore spirituality and love to sexual relationships. It's time we all got honest with ourselves about the effect our aberrant sexual behavior (gay or straight) is having on our children.

I find it ironic that the thing the Democrats are good at (inclusion) is the thing that is the most difficult for candidates to handle without pissing off someone. I am a gay man, and as much as I don't like the religious gay bashing that goes on, it is good that at least we do agree in free speech, something the Republicans are willing to get rid of. It is also nice to see that Democrats are not all godless people like the Republicans tout we are.

We have to accept that with inclusiveness, there will be differences. That is our challenge to work together and educate people. We cannot turn our backs on them, if we want to work towards a common goal of a Democratic president.

As a country that is supposed to believe in religious freedom, that in itself says we are a group of people that agree to disagree. So let this diversity work for us, not against us.

Let's see: catch flak for sharing a platform with an "ex-gay" homophobe singer/minister, so you open the program with an openly gay minister. It looks like Mr. Obama is out to alienate gays and homophobes alike. Trying to appease everybody just doesn't work. If the man actually has principles, I wish he'd state them and stick to them.

What a way to organize a gospel music program, invite a gay basher to lead it off. To fix the problem, rather than uninviting the basher our fearless leader invites more gays to lead off every session and then proclaims the "big tent". This sounds like a George Bush rationalization where you don't correct bad decisions you plow forward like you were right all along. Obama is a very inexperienced player on a main stage and once you cut through the soaring rhetoric you find an empty bag. Some day his big tent will be empty.

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