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Sweet blog special: Obama's Tuesday Clips. 3Q money. USATODAY Is Obama stuck in "neutral?"

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CHICAGO--Third quarter fund-raising totals released by the Obama campaign generated, of course, a lot of well as his latest play (see previous post) to use the fifth anniversary of his speech aganst the Iraq war.

USA Today chief political writer Susan Page in a cover story: Obama is still seeking traction: He has time and money on his side. But after a fast start, he isn't gaining much ground in the polls.

The Washington Post - Matthew Mosk: “With More Than $20 Million, Obama Reports Strong Quarter"

See my previous Obamaville post for more on this...
The New York Times - Jeff Zeleny: “Obama To Urge Elimination Of World’s Nuclear Weapons"

The Washington Times - Christina Bellantoni and Joseph Curl:Obama Rakes In $20 Million"

Reuters - Steve Holland: “Obama Reviving 'Experience' Battle With Iraq Speech"

Sun-Times - Jennifer Hunter on Iraq speech: "Obama's touted anti-war stance not so audacious"

And all three Chicago Tribune Obama writers are in the paper today...
Christi Parsons: Front-Runner Label Offers No Guarantee"

Mike Dorning and John McCormick:Obama Reports Raising $19 Million More For Primary Races"

The Financial Times - Edward Luce Obama To Play Iraq Card Against Clinton"

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