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Sweet blog special: Obama, reacting to NYT report Bush torture techniques, says "betrayal of our core values."

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WASHINGTON--White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) slams Bush adminstration in wake of New York Times Thursday story on torture.

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Obama: Torture and secrecy betray core American values
CHICAGO, IL -- Barack Obama today released the following statement in response to the new report in the New York Times this morning about the Bush administration’s secret authorization of brutal interrogation techniques. For full story, click here:

“The secret authorization of brutal interrogations is an outrageous betrayal of our core values, and a grave danger to our security. We must do whatever it takes to track down and capture or kill terrorists, but torture is not a part of the answer - it is a fundamental part of the problem with this administration's approach. Torture is how you create enemies, not how you defeat them. Torture is how you get bad information, not good intelligence. Torture is how you set back America's standing in the world, not how you strengthen it. It's time to tell the world that America rejects torture without exception or equivocation. It's time to stop telling the American people one thing in public while doing something else in the shadows. No more secret authorization of methods like simulated drowning. When I am president America will once again be the country that stands up to these deplorable tactics. When I am president we won't work in secret to avoid honoring our laws and Constitution, we will be straight with the American people and true to our values,” said Obama.


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it appears the junior senator from illinois has excellerated his "reacting" in his presidential wannabe road show. perhaps a mayoral contest would have fit him better.
the npr/hyde park candidate appears stuck and run out of illusion on fantasy lane. for him, for one moment, it must have been a rush. but most of the electorate is looking for more than, "hope", "get away from cynicisim", and "those who just don't get it." i've no idea what mr. obama's "core values" are...and i do get it.

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