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Sweet blog special: Obama on "cousin" Cheney. Obama says not much difference between Dem health coverage policies. UPDATE Edwards camp replies.

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MERRIMACK, N.H.--White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is speaking now in a packed living room in a house dating from the 1860s nestled next to the lovely Bowers Pond. The leaves are just starting to change and the early fall foliage is brilliant.

Obama just made a reference to "my cousin Dick Cheney."
"Been trying to hide this for a long time....everybody sheep in the family."

That's a relationship discovered by my colleague Scott Fornek who researched Obama's roots for a package of stories that now can be found at Lynne Cheney recently talked about their newfound kin.

Obama a few minutes ago said "the truth is" there is not much difference between the health coverage proposals put out by himself of rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards. What matters is “who has the capacity to bring people together" and get something passed. That's a subtle dig at Clinton, who failed to win any health care reform when she handled the legislation as First Lady.

Mark Kornblau, a senior advisor in the Edwards campaign, saw the post and said there was a difference between Edwards and Obama plans to offer health care to the nations' uninsured.

here is the Kornblau reply to my post....
----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Kornblau
To: 'Lsweet
Sent: Tue Oct 23 15:49:56 2007
Subject: Saw your post

Hey Lynn,

Saw your post on Obama saying there is not much difference between the
Democrats on health care, and wanted to shoot you a quick note.

As you know, John Edwards has a comprehensive plan for universal health
care. Sen. Obama says there's not much difference, but if you're one of
the 15 million Americans who is left without health care under Senator
Obama's plan, then it's a 100 percent difference to you.


And what happens on Day One of an Obama Administration: "I think America looks at itself differently the day I am inaugurated.”

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